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    Tearing Strength Tester
    May 6, 2012
    The Tear strength tester is an instrument used to test the tear strength of textile fabrics and garment industry. The Tearing Strength Tester is based on the principle of measuring the Internal tearing resistance, which is the force perpendicular to the plane of the textile stuff required to propagate a single-rip or tear of a defined length from a cut in the textile stuff which is clamped in the instrument and pulled apart when a sudden force is applied. The force required to continue a slit previously cut in textile stuff is determined by measuring the work done in tearing the stuff through a fixed distance.

    The apparatus consists of a brass sector pendulum pivoted on anti-friction ball bearings on a vertical bracket fixed on a rigid metallic base. The test sample in shape of a rectangular piece held between two clamps, one of which is mounted on the pendulum and the other is mounted on the vertical bracket. The clamps are mounted in such a manner that their holding faces are aligned with each other when the pendulum is locked in its raised position. The pendulum is released by lifting a release lever. This action causes the test sample to tear right through. The tearing strength is indicated on a scale fitted on the pendulum against a low friction pointer pivoted on the axis of the pendulum. An adjustable knife is also mounted up to the range on which the pendulum and the fixed clamp are mounted. It is centered between the two clamps and is used for making the initial Cut in the test sample.

    Tearing Strength Tester is used to determine the average force in grams per sample required to propagate tearing through a particular length of textile or no rigid cloth. Two specimen are cited, a rectangular type and one with a constant radius testing length. No two test sample shall contain the same warp and weft threads, and no specimen shall be cut within 150 mm of the edge of the fabric. The tearing tester is equipped with a pendulum that applies the force. The test involves measuring the loss in the potential energy of the pendulum equating to the work done in tearing the fabric stuff. The tear strength tester is widely used in various areas. Some of the areas where it finds application are: ·   Textile Industry ·         Plastic Industry ·         Paper Industry. 

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