About Us

PRESTO is the inspirational benchmark testing equipment manufacturing company in terms of customer delight, systems & processes and technology implementation. We deliver a customer experience second to none! 

PRESTO is the preferred place to work in, thriving on a great, exciting culture of accountability, ownership and oneness. Each one of us participates in the organization’s growth & its social responsibility, leading to our personal growth, development and transformation. We work together with our customers and understand that each of us has to contribute their bit in providing the best solution.

Our Core values and Ethics

As globally competitive, innovative and ethical brand leaders, we deliver what we promise. Our core values and ethics are engrained in our corporate DNA.

We, at Presto, love what we do, taking the lead, and leading by example.

We are honest with ourselves and each other, and mutual respect makes our bond stronger. We work hard to earn trust and respect from our valued customers.

Effective Communication

We believe that accurate information and timely communication form the basis of good decision-making.


Safety of our people and our customers is our top priority.

Every employee and every customer has something to contribute to our growth. This belief is the key to mutual success.