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IRHD Rubber Hardness Tester  
IRHD Rubber Hardness Tester
Model No:  A-IRHD01
As the name suggests, the Presto IRHD Rubber Hardness Tester determines the hardness of rubber and rubber components. Hardness is one of the most important properties which determine the suitability of any rubber component for its intended use. Incorrect hardness of may defeat the basic purpose for which the component is designed. Thus, accurate and reliable determination of the hardness is of extreme importance in rubber industry. The Presto IRHD Rubber Hardness Tester is widely used in the rubber industry to evaluate this important property.
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The Presto IRHD (International Rubber Hardness Degrees) tester is equipped with a spherical indentor, which indents the sample under a minor and major Load. The differential indentation depth is measured and tabulated to read directly in 'IRHD' degrees. The displacement/IRHD degrees conversion table is published in ISO 48 : 1994.  

The Presto IRHD Rubber Hardness Tester is built on a rigid metallic base plate and finished in Autumn Gray & Blue combination painting and bright chrome / zinc plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish. It is strictly manufactured as per ASTM and DIN standards. The equipment comes complete with a calibration certificate traceable to NABL approved laboratories. 

IRHD Rubber Hardness Tester

  1. Diameter of Indenter Tip        :  2.50 mm
  2.  Range of hardness                  :  30 to 85 IRHD
  3. Pressure foot                             :  20 mm  OD / 6 mm ID
  4. Force on pressure foot            :  8.30 N
  5. Contact force                             :  0.30 N
  6. Indenting force                        :  5.40 N
  7. Electric Supply                          :  220 Volt AC Single Phase
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