Salt Spray Chamber-Win Series

Model No. - SSC Win series


Quick Overview : Salt spray chamber is used to perform the accelerated corrosion test of the metal specimen. The machine has an inbuilt mechanism to create salty fog using the components from the external reservoirs. The specimen is kept in the chamber for certain hours, as per the industrial requirements or test requirements. With a visual inspection, the sample is declared as pass or fail.

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Product Description

Salt spray chamber is most widely used machine to test the corrosion resistance properties of the metal. This machine primarily tests the properties of the coating. This is an accelerated test, that exposes the test specimen to extreme environmental conditions. A salt laden fog is produced by atomiser in the chamber. NaCl solution with pH level 7 is used to create the salty fog. For best performance, the machine is advised to be kept in the ideal laboratory conditions. The machine complies with the testing standards of ASTM, ISO and JIS. It is very much required in testing of metals in different industries like automotive, bath fittings, fasteners etc. It can assess the property of metal with and without coating. 

Technical Specification

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    • Temperature Range – Ambient to 35°
    • Temperature least count – 0.1°
    • Temperature repeatability - ±2°C
    • Power – 220V, Single phase, 50Hz, 15A
    • pH Value of Salt – 6.5 to 7.2
    • Temperature control – Inbuilt PID controller
    • Timer – 999999 digital
    • Test air pressure – 0.7 kg/cmm2 – 1.2 kg/cm2
    • Air regulator – 0 to 30 psi
    • NaCl reservoir tank – 100 ltrs (External tank)
    • Material – Fibre glass
    • Temperature overshoot alarm – Yes
    • Temperature tolerance - ±2°C

Salient Features

    • High-grade glass wool insulation is provided to avoid heat loss.
    • It has a double walled chamber to provide extra insulation and heat uniformity.
    • It is available in 2 capacities, i.e. 250ltrs, 450ltrs.
    • It has upright tower style atomiser for uniform fog distribution.


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