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Salt Spray Chamber- Korrox III  
Salt Spray Chamber- Korrox III
Presto salt spray Chamber ushers you into a new world of Human Machine Interface with its latest touch screen technology. The touch screen eases the analysis of corrosion resistance for a wide variety of sample types. A special zero corrosion PT 100 sensor is also incorporated in the touch screen. It also has 8 function keys, a 3M flash memory and provides a USB host for a USB flash drive.

The Presto Salt Spray Chamber is widely used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of surface coatings when exposed to a salt laden environment. It has been specifically designed to assess the rust-proof ability of components and their ability to withstand corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. The equipment is particularly useful in quality control laboratories, where it is highly beneficial for comparative testing.
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Salt Spray Chamber

The equipment is designed to provide complete flexibility in simulating real life weathering conditions. The test temperature in the chamber can be adjusted anywhere between ambient +60°C. The equipment is fitted with a digital temperature controller which ensures accuracy and reliability. The double walls of the Presto Salt Spray Chamber are filled with glass wool insulation.

This has a two pronged benefit. Firstly it ensures that the temperature is accurate and reliable enough to meet the international standard of testing. Secondly it prevents distortion and deformation due to high temperatures. The chamber incorporates the latest technology including an Air Flow Meter which regulates the air flow from 0 to 30 psi. It is also equipped with an air jacket heating system which ensures uniformity of temperature.

The Presto Salt Spray Chamber is highly useful for performing corrosion tests and stress tests based on several International Test Standards requiring automatic water controls and dry air.

The chamber is made of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and uses reliable, long lasting and durable components ensuring long life of the equipment and years of error-free usage.

The test specimens can be continuously exposed to the appropriate salt spray volume. The Presto Salt Spray Chamber is fitted with a touch screen which has a special zero corrosion PT 100 sensor. The ergonomic position of the touch screen ensures ease of operation.

The equipment has been strictly manufactured as per JIS Z2371; DIN 50021; ASTM B 117;  IS:5528; IS:6910; ISO:3768 and related standards. It comes complete with instruction manual, electric wiring diagram and calibration certificate traceable to NABL approved labs.

  • Double walled chamber reinforced with glass wool insulation to prevent distortion and deformation due to high temperatures.
  • A solid Salt Solution Compensation bottle is placed out of sight for ease of cleaning and convenient operation.
  • Includes high-pressure resistant drum.
  • Air regulator with moisture cum oil filter.
  • Air Regulator range : 0-30 psi
  • Digital Temperature Controller for temperature accuracy and power efficiency.
  • Temperature range: Ambient to 60°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: + 1°C
  • Temperature Regulation by touch screen.
  • Chamber Body Fiber Reinforced Plastic
  • Chamber Sides Reinforced with Glass wool insulation
  • Spray Mist Volume- 1-2 ml/per hour
  • Salt Spray Testing Method- JIS Z2371; DIN 50021; ASTM B 117; IS:5528; IS:6910; ISO:3768
  • Features of Touch Screen

    • Provides USB host for USB flash drive
    • 3M flash memory
    • 8 function keys
    • Supports CF memory card

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