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Dead weight tester is a standardized calibrating instrument. It is used for calibrating measuring instruments such as pressure gauge, transducers, etc. It is used in many industries as a calibration standard and works on the principle of pressure balance. Suitable for calibrating a wide range of measurement devices used in research institutes, industries and academia.


PDWT - 0137







Dead weight tester exerts a specified amount of load using NABL certified known weights. The pressure is generated over a fluid substance until it reaches equilibrium. This state is reached manually using screw press by lifting weight/s. Once the system is at equilibrium, the operator can check the accuracy of the reading delivered by the specimen device. The Presto Dead weight tester is the best solution for your calibration needs as it can deliver complete services without electrical power input, functions on simple mechanical principles, and strictly adheres to global standards. It can calibrate both analogue and digital type of devices. Utilizing the union connector, the operator can connect a wide range of measurement instruments for calibration. Other sizes for union connector is also available on request.


  • Has a testing range of a minimum of 1 Kg/cm² to maximum 100 Kg/cm².
  • Steps of Range is 0.1 Kg/cm².
  • Size of Union connector available is M20x1.5, 1/4" BSP, 3/8" BSP.
  • Size of Reservoir Block is 3/8” BSP.
  • Has a Piston Carrier of 1 Kgf /cm2 .
  • 20W 40 grade Hydraulic Oil used as Operating Fluid.
  • High-Grade Stainless Steel used for constructing Piston.
  • Accuracy maintained at ± 0.5% (with master gauge).


  • Efficiently designed piston block ensures highly stable test results.
  • Floating piston used with screw pump.
  • Mounted levelling screws, adjustable feet with tightening lock nuts helps in delivering balanced levelling of the machine.
  • Reservoir Block for controlling the constant oil flow.
  • High-grade release valves used with piping connection to gauge block.



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