Spectrophotometer TP 800 - Color Matching in Mumbai

Spectrophotometer TP800 is a highly advanced color measurement device which is utilized for detection of hue and shades for any material. It can be utilized to inspect color consistency or for generation of new innovative colors. The machine can be used to test solid, liquid and semi-liquid material. For specimens other than solid surfaces, a color accessory equipment termed as universal test component is used. Presto Group now delivers Spectrophotometer Color Matching in Mumbai, Maharashtra. With reaching to industrial regions, we provide our testing services to across India and beyond.


Color inspection has always been the most vital quality control criteria for various industries. Be it food, pharma, or plastic, the color of the product always plays an important role in deciding the quality. Hues, shades inspection and comparisons with master color, detecting the consistency throughout the production are some vital inspection tasks which require to be performed for controlling color quality. Moreover, metamerism, which is a natural phenomenon and interferes with color quality also needs to be inspected. TP 800 Spectrophotometer is constructed to estimate the color and quantify the same in a precision based values. One can also compare the colors of the product with the master shade, to see if the color is consistent all over the production unit or not. The device is equipped with a software program which can detect the color codes and rapidly save it in the memory. The Device can be also auto-calibrated once it is switched on with white and black calibration feature. The user can see multiple test results on one screen while live testing which makes the color comparison easy. Get Spectrophotometer Color Matching in Mumbai with best technical features and great technical support.





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