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  • Presto

    Textile & Yarn Testing

    Quality plays a major role in the textile & yarn industry.

    PRESTO has a range of quality control instruments for the laboratory.

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  • Presto

    Plastic Testing

    Polymers behave in such varied manners that without quality control instruments

    It becomes impossible to assess their true worth.

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  • Presto

    Paint Testing

    The coating industry has been at the forefront of quality and has seen a tremendous growth in volumes.

    We at PRESTO provide you with the necessary
    quality tools to benchmark your quality.

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  • Butterfly

    Paper & Packaging

    Innovation has been the key in the packaging industry, if it is clubbed with quality it makes a huge difference.

    We at PRESTO support you in your endeavour towards quality.

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  • Presto

    Rubber Testing

    Rubber quality lies in the hand of the moulder : so goes an industry saying.

    PRESTO's range of quality control instruments
    help you produce the best rubber components.

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  • Butterfly

    Environmental Test Chambers

    PRESTO has a range of environmental test chambers which simulate the environment right in your laboratory.

    The accelerated methods help your bottom line to an unimaginable extent.

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  • Butterfly

    Metal Testing Instruments

    Tensile Compression
    Rockwell Hardness
    Brinell Hardness
    Vickers Hardness

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  • Butterfly

    Colour Measurement Instruments

    Presto is the official distributor of Xrite Pantone a global leader in colour science and technology.
    X-Rite’s expertise in inspiring, selecting, measuring, formulating, communicating and matching colour helps
    users get colour right the first time and every time, which translates to better quality and reduced costs

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    Plastic Testing Instruments
    Melt Flow Index Tester- NXG Model
    The Presto Melt Flow Index Tester is a reliable instrument used for evaluating and analyzing the flo.....
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    Melt Flow Index Tester- NXG Model
    Paint & Plating Instruments
    Salt Spray Chamber- Korrox III
    Presto salt spray Chamber ushers you into a new world of Human Machine Interface with its latest tou.....
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    Salt Spray Chamber- Korrox III
    Paper & Packaging Instruments
    Box Compression Tester
    Box Compression Tester is designed to quantify box or container performance so that the effect of va.....
    Read More 
    Box Compression Tester
    Textile & Yarn Testing Instruments
    Snap Button Pullout Tester
    The assessment of snap attachment strength is an important criterion especially in the design and ma.....
    Read More 
    Snap Button Pullout Tester
    Rubber Testing Instruments
    Ozone Chamber
    It is important to estimate the resistance of vulcanized rubber to cracking when exposed to an atmos.....
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    Ozone Chamber
    Environmental Test Chambers
    Conditioning Chamber / Humidity Chamber
    The Presto Conditioning/Humidity chamber is capable of providing the ideal humidity and temperature .....
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    Humidity Chambers
    Metal Testing Instruments
    Digital Rockwell Hardness Testers
    Digital Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine is designed for measuring hardness of metals & alloys of a.....
    Read More 
    Digital Rockwell Hardness Testers
    Colour Measurement Instruments
    RM200QC-Color Quality Control
    The X-Rite RM200QC Imaging Spectrocolorimeter bridges the gap between color appearance and material .....
    Read More 
    RM200QC-Color Quality Control

    Laboratory Testing Equipments

    We are leading manufacturer of various laboratory testing equipments and exporters of extremely superior and time tested Testing instruments that fulfill all global standards like ISO, ASTM, JIS & DIN. With a group of highly experienced and talented personnel, we design, develop and manufacture a wide range of lab Testing instruments having numerous testing equipments that can fulfill different testing needs. Our machines are widely used to examine various constraints in diverse production verticals.
    Presto Testing Instruments has very strong foothold all over the world. We are the best laboratory testing equipments suppliers across the globe having main branches in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai and all over India. Also, our well established and diversified network helps us to gain popularity and success all across the six continents.
    Our eagerness for excellence in every product that we produce and our main motive of customer satisfaction is the main key to our success. The organization believes in developing long lasting customer relationship which is totally dependent on assurance and faith. We started a revolution for providing superior testing instruments to our clients that can provide best output without compromising on the quality. We satisfy our clients by providing high quality reliable testing equipments along with efficient after sales services.
    Diverse Range of Testing Eequipments

    We rely on technologically advanced machines and tools which have enabled us to develop our versatile range of testing equipments. All our products strictly adhere to the international quality standards. Our clientele appreciates the wide spectrum that we cover under our Testing Equipment range. This impeccable range makes us one of the highly recommended brands in the testing machinery segment.
    • Plastic Testing Instruments
    • Tensile Testing Machine
    • Universal Testing Machine
    • Impact Tester
    • Rubber Testing Instruments
    • Environmental Test Chamber
    • Paint & Plating Testing Instruments
    • Textile and Yarn Testing Instruments
    • Paper and Packaging Testing Instruments

    Industries We Serve

    We scrupulously work on minute details, while constantly focusing on dynamic industry requirements.With stringent quality checks, offering the best to our quality conscious customers is always at the forefront of our operations . It helps us to strive for perfection and attain the required momentum in developing internationally acclaimed testing products.

    • Plastic
    • Rubber
    • Electronic
    • Textile
    • Packaging
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Engineering
    • Automobile
    • Aerospace
    We are Brand Leaders

    Commitment and credibility define us. Since more than three decades, we have been moving ahead with a mission- to offer Testing Equipments of international standard and high quality to our clients across the globe. We derive immense pleasure in seeing our customers happy and content, after using our advanced technology & reliable testing solutions. Customer satisfaction defines our success. Our customers rely on our finest quality testing equipments and we rely on our rich experience.
    • Polymer Testing Equipment
    • Leather Testing Equipment
    • Wood Testing Equipment
    • PET Bottle Testing Instruments
    • Compression Testing Machine
    • Universal Testing Instruments
    • Salt Spray Chambers
    • Tensile Testing Machines
    Values That Bind

    We are committed to providing our customers with world class Lab Testing Equipments manufactured under highest safety standards and professional guarantee. Our innovative utilization of right production techniques has helped us to reduce manufacturing costs and pass on the resulting benefit to our quality conscious clients. A core team of professionals and mechanical engineers work round the clock to ensure that our user-friendly products match customer expectations.

    Since our inception in this niche industry, we have been continually improving our performance and ensuring complete customer satisfaction by providing safe, cost effective and competitive testing solutions.
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