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ASTM A125 Standard Test Method For Steel Springs

The ASTM A125 standard test method is for the hot coiled, heat treated helical compression springs with tapered, squared and ground ends made of hot-wrought round steel bars. When designing and calculating the spring rate, solid height, solid stress and capacity, consider the cross sections for the hot-wrought round, square, and round-cornered square bars of steel of the bar diameter.

It is important that spring experiences the quenching and tempering for high hardness and tolerate the stresses developed in testing. Springs which have a specific indentation diameter must be within specified Brinell hardness numbers, and must meet the metallurgical requirement, end construction, and physical requirements. The physical requirement includes the solid heights, free height, loaded height, measurements, permanent set, uniformity of pitch, outside diameter and calculation of solid capacity and uncorrected solid stress.

The test methods also inform about the practical manufacturing limit, inspection requirements applicable to the type of springs and mechanical tests.

Spring Tester Complies with ASTM Standards

Presto designs high-quality spring tester to check the various features of spring so that a high-quality spring can be produced. The springs have wide use in various applications such as automobiles, aircraft, industrial machines, etc. Therefore, the quality of the springs is crucial. Testing of springs helps in determining the various properties such as elongation and yield strength of the materials. The spring tester is a useful and beneficial testing instrument for the manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of different industries.