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Muffle Furnaces - For Ash Content Determination

What exactly Muffle Furnaces mean?

Muffle Furnace is the testing device that comprises of the extremely heated chamber having the high grade ceramic insulation wool insulated walls that radiantly heat the contents of the chamber so that the material which is put inside does not have direct contact with the flames. These furnaces are usually utilized in the laboratories as a means to create extremely high temperatures atmospheres. These furnaces are employed to test the characteristics of the materials at extremely high and accurate temperatures. These furnaces are also known as retort furnace.

Working Procedure of Muffle Furnace

Muffle Furnace is a piece of oven type equipment that can reach high temperatures. It usually works on the basis of a high-temperature heating coil which is placed in an insulating material. This insulated material act as a muffle that prevents heat from escaping and also protects the material from the flames that is kept inside. These furnaces are also used in various research centers by the chemists in order to measure that which part of the material is non-volatile and which one is non-combustible. The different properties of the heating elements facilitate more sophisticated applications. The term muffle furnace also refers to another type of furnaces that are constructed on the same principle but comprises of the long and thin tube that used as heaters within the ceramic insulation.

Applications of Muffle Furnaces

There are numerous applications that must be considered for the percentage of ash content and non-combustible material. This can be tested only at very high temperatures that Muffle Furnaces offers. Therefore, these furnaces are used for high-temperature applications such as:

  • Ceramics
  • Creating enamel coatings
  • Fusing glass
  • Brazing
  • Soldering
  • Ignition tests
  • Gravimetric analysis
  • Heat-treating steel parts and gears
  • Heat treating gears
  • Coal sampling
  • Quench testing
  • Organic and inorganic ash
  • Research facilities in chemistry
  • Chemical analysis
  • Annealing loss determination
  • Soils & aggregates cement testing
  • Development of coatings and ceramics
  • Glass blowing lab
  • Rice laboratory
  • Plastic tensile strength test
  • Stoneware samples firing


Muffle Furnaces are highly sophisticated devices that are designed with latest technology features that make the working of the device easy and user-friendly. Some of the features of Muffle Furnaces that the customer must look for while buying high-quality of furnaces are mentioned below:

  • Sturdy construction for long term use
  • Compact in design and space saving
  • Available with 900°C to 1200°C temperature (** other temperature ranges available on request).
  • Safe and trouble free performance
  • Microprocessor PID controller
  • Over temperature and short circuit breaker
  • High-grade ceramic insulation
  • Provided with Ventilation port
  • Only branded heating elements are used
  • Uniform heating inside chamber
  • CE and ISO marked
  • Comply with DIN and ASTM standards

Presto Stantest, a global leader in the world of testing instruments, offers an assortment of high-quality Muffle furnaces to create high-temperature of 900 Degree Celsius to 1200 Degree Celsius. For more information on Muffle Furnaces, contact our experts.