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Precaution to Be Taken While Performing Tensile Strength Test

Precaution-To-Be-Taken-While-Performing-Tensile-Strength-Test-01-presto-groupTensile testing is one of the most commonly used testing procedures that are used in industries. The testing procedure is meant to determine the tensile strength of the products and materials that are used in the industries for manufacturing of different products. The tensile strength is determined with the help of tensile testing machine which is capable of providing error-free and accurate data about the tensile strength of the test specimen. For best quality analysis of the test specimen, it is essential that the test is conducted in strict specifications given in the standards. There should not be any errors that may affect the test results. Here are some of the persecutions that must be taken while performing the test to ensure accurate test results yielded from the testing procedure.

  1. The test specimen for the test must be prepared in a dumbbell shape with the exact dimensions as given in the related test standard.
  2. The grips used in the testing machine must be properly serrated so that there is no chance of slippage of the specimen.
  3. If the specimen breaks due to any other reason than the tensile stress, then the test procedure should be discarded, and a new test must be performed on a new specimen.
  4. The misalignment of the specimen should not be allowed during the test.
  5. The thickness of the specimen should be according to the related standard.

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