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Test the Tensile & Compression Both with UTM

Importance of Testing

Testing is the major procedure which is performed in all production vertical after completion of every stage of production to ensure the quality of the products. Testing is performed to ascertain the strength and quality of the products so that it can be used for different applications. The testing procedure via different means and ways offers an idea to the manufacturers about the behaviour of the products when they are subjected to different environmental conditions.

How is testing performed?

To test the quality of the materials, different test procedures are performed on the products such as tensile test, compression test, bursting test, environmental test, and many more. One of the widely used test method that explains the quality of the products is a Universal test which comprises of tension and compression test both. The testing is performed to determine the point of fracture on the material when a material is subjected to tension or compression forces. The testing procedure helps the manufacturers and test engineers to decide the factor of safety of the products. This also helps the manufacturer to measure the maximum amount of force that a material can bear before it fails and hence decides the suitability of the materials for specific application.

How can universal testing be performed?

The best way to perform the universal test is Computerised Universal Testing Machine. To perform the test with UTM, the test sample is placed between the two jaws and clamped firmly to perform either tension or compression test. Once the sample is placed at its right position, the jaws are pulled apart to apply tension on the sample. The tension is applied to the sample until it reaches the fracture point. When the fracture occurs in the test sample, due to any of the test, the force applied to the specimen is recorded to measure strength and quality of the materials.

Applications of Computerised Universal Testing Machine

The universal testing is used to assess the quality of a variety of materials in domestic and industrial fronts. This test is directly related to the safety of the products. It is performed on various products in different production units such as metals products, rubber goods, packaging cartons, ghee or milk containers, plastic containers and many more. Testing with Universal testing machine helps the manufacturers to perform more than one test on the samples for best analysis of the properties of the products. The instrument offers highly accurate test results. For more information, visit: