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Cupping Test for Quality Analysis of Metal Sheets

What is Cupping Test?

Cupping test is widely used in sheet metal industries for determining the ability of the metal sheets with a thickness of 0.2 to 2 mm to undergo the deformation when they are subjected to any stretching or pushing force. The cupping test is also used to test the quality of the paints that are applied to the metallic substrates. With the help of the cupping test, the manufacturers of paints can evaluate the elastic properties of the paints and study the development of crack in the paint coating once they are stretched with the substrate to which they are applied. cupping-test-for-quality-analysis-of-metal-sheets-presto-group-28nov

Working Principle of Cupping Test

The cupping test is conducted on a testing instrument called as a cupping machine. The testing machine works on the principle that a cup is formed in a sheet by the means of pressing a spherical punch against the clamped specimen until there is a visible crack developed on the sheet. After the crack develops, the force application is stopped, and the depth of the cup is measured and gives the test results.

Apparatus Requirement

The requirement for a testing machine that should be used for performing a cupping test is given in the standard IS: 10175 that prescribe the basic requirements of the instruments for accurate test results.

  1. The machine should have a die and a blank holder installed on the machine.
  2. The machine should have a design so that it is possible to view the test procedure from outside.
  3. The crack that is developed in the specimen during the test should be wide enough to allow the light to pass. Additionally, it should be all over the width of the specimen.
  4. Proper gauges should be installed on the machine for accurate measurement.
  5. The punch is not allowed to turn when the test is being conducted.
  6. The punch should have a hemispherical and polished working surface.
  7. A constant load force of 10 KN should be applied on the test piece.
  8. The measurement of the movement of the punch will be done from the point where it touches the surface in the initial stage.

With an accurate cupping machine, the manufacturers can ensure the best quality of their products and ensure that their products will be able to bear extremely high working pressures.

Presto has been providing highly accurate and efficient cupping machines to different industries for better quality assurance of the products.