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Use of Tensile Test in Different Industries

Measuring the tensile strength of material is a prominent task which is performed in almost all production verticals to ensure the ductility, elasticity, young’s modulus, yield strength and similar properties of the products that are used in different production houses for different applications.

Why is a tensile test performed?

The tensile test offers the knowledge regarding the behavior of a material when it is subjected to tensile forces that are in the opposite direction. The tensile test is performed to determine the point of fracture at which the material fails when continuous force is applied to the materials. This helps the engineers in deciding the safety factor of the materials. Using this test procedure, the test engineers can measure the amount of force that a material can bear to its maximum before it gets fractured and helps the manufacturers in deciding the appropriateness of the material for a particular application.

Tensile Test Testing Procedure

The tensile test can be performed using advanced testing instrument known as Tensile Testing Machine. To perform the test as per the standards, the sample is placed between two jaws or grips that are provided to upload the sample and clamp them firmly. Once the sample is placed in its right place, the grips are pulled in the opposite route to apply a tension force to the sample. The tension is applied continuously to the sample until it gets fractured. When the sample gets ruptured, the force is applied on the samples and this force is used to calculate the maximum tensile strength of the material to judge the elasticity and young’s modulus of the material.

Use of Tensile Test

The tensile test is used to assess the quality of the materials that are used for domestic purposes as well as for industrial usage. This type of test is performed to ensure the safety of the products so that the material will not get ruptured when subjected to extreme tension during usage. Now we will discuss the use of the tensile test in different industries.

Tensile Test in Rubber Industries

Rubbers have a considerable amount of elasticity. The elasticity of the rubbers can be determined by analyzing the amount of tension that rubber can bear before it fails. This helps to measure the elasticity modulus of rubbers and materials for various applications.

Tensile Test in Metal Industries

Tensile test on metals is performed to determine the maximum tension force a metal product can bear the time of its usage. This test helps to measure the strength of various materials such as construction angles, metal cable, and related products that are used in different industries for different purposes.

Apart from rubber industries and metal industries, tensile testing machines are used in various verticals such as plastic industry, packaging industry, automotive industry and many more. To analyze the tensile strength of the materials, it is important for the manufacturers to use high-quality of the tensile testing machine that is manufactured by reputed manufacturers.