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Compression Test-For Quality Determination of Corrugated Boxes

Secondary packaging is an important aspect of the successful delivery of the consignment. Thus, it is very important to create a sustainable packing for different conditions. Whether cartons or wooden boxes, the packings should withstand environmental conditions and physical conditions. To get the best quality cartons, the raw materials should have good properties. Further to that, it should comply with internal standards set as per research and developments. Making the carton to bear the stacking load, it should have sufficient compressive strength, the strength can be decided as per the intended application. Compression test is usually performed to judge the stacking load of the box. 

How to Determine the Buckling Load of Boxes

To determine the compression strength buckling load of corrugated boxes, one of the best options is Compression Test. The compression strength of the corrugated boxes can be determined on the basis of various factors of the boxes namely,

Compression test is world widely incorporated into the work process of different manufacturing units. The strength depends on the various factors of the box and they are; 

The structural design of the carton: The shape and dimensions of the box play a major role in deciding the properties of the box. Features like loading direction and flap directions are important considerations. 


Raw material: If the material used has weak strength, the box would collapse immediately after exerting pressure. 

Environmental conditions: If boxes are not tested for intended working conditions, it would lead to the failure of the product. Conditions of the manufacturing unit, warehouse, and final destination matter a lot. Moist air or water prone area directly damage the carton. 

Corrugated board: If the properties of corrugated boards are poor, the end product will definitely not sustain long. 


Selecting the raw material is not a child’s play. A lot of expertise and experience is required to choose the perfect material that can deliver accurate results. To avoid deformation and failure of the boxes, the safety margins are often considered while choosing the raw materials. Due to incomplete knowledge or lack of expertise, sometimes manufacturers ignore this. Thus, awareness regarding the compression test is very important. If the manufacturer doesn’t have the theoretic knowledge, the manufacturer can at least perform the test and get the values straight way.  

Key Features of Corrugated Boxes

A carton is made up of CFB or corrugated fibre board. It is made up of corrugators sandwiched in 2 linear boards. The ridges and furrows decide the strength and stress absorbance capacity of the board. If the height of corrugators is more and density is less, its strength will decrease. On the other hand, if the density of the corrugators is more and height is less, the shock absorbance capacity is high. This is an important parameter while choosing the raw material for making cartons. The mode of transportation, the duration of loading and unloading, and climatic conditions are also important to deliver high-quality products to the customers.


How to increase the compression strength of corrugated boxes?

Various standards related to compression strength of Packaging have determined the correct box compression strength of the corrugated boxes with the help of universal standard test method i.e. Box Compression Test. The test can be performed efficiently with the help of high quality of Box Compression tester. The testing machine is used to measure the maximum force which is required to compress the boxes until it ruptures completely. The instrument offered by reputed manufacturers strictly adheres to various national and international standards like ASTM, ISO, BIS, etc. The effectiveness of box compression testing can also be judged as per TAPPI standards. The instrument is used to perform load compression testing of mono cartons, corrugated boxes, fibre boards, etc. To enhance the packaging quality of converters of papers to design high-quality of corrugated boxes, measuring the box compression strength is the best option.


The box compression strength of a carton can be calculated by the cardboard’s compression strength and stiffness. The Experimental data and fundamental research depict that, it is quite easy to determine the box compression performance of corrugated boxes with box compression testing. This value is also used to provide grades to different types of boxes. Hence, it is important to measure the compression strength of corrugated boxes to determine its quality in better and accurate manner.