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Box Compression Tester is a consistent tool to indicate the Compression strength of cardboard boxes so that it does not get deformed or crushed when stacked one above the other during storage or transit.
Registered Design Patent No. 279106


How does Box Compression Tester Work?

Box Compression Tester is a lab testing instrument designed for measuring the ability of corrugated boxes to resist compression to make sure that their compressive strength is strong enough to avoid any sort of deformation or breakage while stacking during storage or transportation. The corrugated box is compressed or pressed by a platform moving downwards from the top simulating the pressure a box will withstand while getting stacked.

The lab testing instrument is manufactured to measure the strength and performance of a corrugated box and ensure the effects from other mediums like board, closures & interior partitions are not adverse enough to break or deform the box. Group has manufactured the Box Compression Tester to assist the paper & packaging industry as per International Standards. The hassle-free operations and ergonomic design make this instrument highly valuable.


Box Compression Tester is used to measure the box compression strength (BCT), shape change and stacking capability of cartons, beehive crates, paper tanks, paper cases etc. Box Compression Tester is designed to evaluate compression strength of the corrugated box and the load range selected to completely collapse as peak load or may be with a pre-determined load for a given period to evaluate stacking load. Compression Strength Test also serves as a useful index of over all quality of the material and workmanship of the box.

The Compression strength is determined by placing the box on a flat platform and pressing it downwards from the top with the help of a motorized arrangement. Box Compression Tester is designed to quantify box or container performance so that the effect of various board mediums, closures, and interior partitions can be plainly compared by means of Load & bend analysis. This high-quality lab testing instrument has been made in accordance with industry standards that make it easy for the manufacturers to conduct the box compression test on the materials with ease.

This compression strength tester consists of a Microprocessor-based display that let the users view highly accurate testing results under uniform compression force. It comes with a strong base plate with a rugged structure and an optional printer facility. Users can easily operate this lab testing instrument with its feather touch controls. This testing instrument is also available in a computerized model also with various platform sizes and load cell capacity. Thus, with the use of this high-quality lab testing instrument, users can easily conduct box compression tests and ensure that their product will not get deformed or compressed while stacking. Our box compression tester Price in India is very good & reasonable according to our product quality. 

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