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Formula To Calculate Bursting Factor & Burst Index

There are different ways to assess the properties of cardboard and paper. Some of the properties define the quality while other defines the working behaviour. According to the industrial application, the raw material with specified properties can be chosen.

How Can Bursting Be Determined?

To determine the bursting strength of the paper, the amount of fibre present in the test material is assessed. This tells about the beating and refining of pulp is done to produce the paper. However, this process doesn’t give accurate information, it just gives an estimate of the bursting strength.

How to Measure Bursting Strength?

Accurate measurement certainly cannot be done without using any machine. There are many industries, where the conventional method of measuring bursting strength is used. However, most of the industries are incorporating modern ways by employing bursting strength tester in the work flow. 

How To Perform Test with Bursting Strength Tester?

PRESTO Bursting Strength Tester

To begin, a circular test sample is clamped in the annular clamp. This clamp holds the sample throughout the test to avoid any slippage during the test. A hydraulic pressure is applied to the sample via rubber diaphragm. The medium of applying pressure is glycerine. The pressure will be applied until sample ruptures. The pressure applied on the sample is measured by the load sensors and displayed on the screen. The pressure at which sample burst is called the burst strength. It is represented in psi (pound per square inch).

This test is also known by many other names;

  • Mullen test
  • Pop test
  • Burst test

Formulas to Judge Bursting Factor & Burst Index of Cardboards

Apart from measuring the bursting strength, other parameters that are important to measure are


  • Bursting Factor
  •  Burst Index

Bursting Factor = Bursting Strength (Kg/cm2) x 1000 / Grammage (gm/m2)

Burst Index = Bursting Strength (Kilopascal or KPa) x 0.10197 / Grammage (gm/m2)

Where Grammage is the base weight.
1 KPa = 101.97162 Kgf/m2


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