Bursting Strength Tester Genie 2.0

The force required for bursting or complete rupture of the board is measured through a Digital Indicator. The bursting strength defines the material's quality as compared to the others. Bursting Strength Tester Genie 2.0 provides a hydraulic...
Registered Design Patent No. 279109


Working mechanism of Bursting Strength Tester Genie 2.0

The determination of the force required for the bursting or complete rupture of a material is conducted using a Digital Indicator. This bursting strength is a crucial parameter that sets the quality of the material in comparison to others. The Digital Bursting Strength Tester, offered by, operates by applying hydraulic pressure under a rubber diaphragm with a specified area onto the test sample. This bursting strength test machine is versatile and can accurately assess the bursting strength of various materials such as paper, corrugated cardboard, carton boxes, cardboard, leather, cloth, or synthetic leather. The resulting bursting strength value is quantified in kg/cm².

bursting strength tester machine is specifically designed for measuring the bursting strength of paper and strong paperboard. The testing procedure involves preparing the specimen and securing it between two circular clamps. Using the geared handle provided, the specimen is tightened. The hydraulic pressure is incrementally applied by manipulating the handle until the specimen ruptures. The digital display then indicates the bursting strength of the test specimen in kg/cm². If you want to know more about hydraulic bursting strength tester like bursting test machine features or other related information, then you can easily contact us.

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