Which Compression Test is Ideal for Carton boxes?

Which Compression Test is Ideal for Carton boxes?

Carton boxes is one packaging material which is amazingly multi-purpose and is a part of industrial and domestic uses. They are majorly used for storage, transporting and marketing purpose. They are considered to be the strongest and cheapest packaging material. But poor quality of anything can make your demand drastically low. Hence, just because it has been always in use, doesn’t mean it will not be replaced. Therefore manufacturers of carton boxes must ensure that they produce the best quality product. In certain industries, it is very important to judge the calibre of the material to bear the compressive force. Especially in the packaging industry, where you can just estimate the subjected conditions. In this blog section we will discuss the role of paper and packaging testing instruments such as Box compression tester in quality assurance of carton boxes.

Why the compression test is required?
Corrugated boxes are often stacked on one another to certain layers. It means that the box must have the capacity to bear the load for longer duration and not collapse. To check for how long the box will be able to bear the load, it is important to check the compression strength of the box. A box which appears strong at first may get deformed after a period when subjected to continuous pressure. To estimate, if the box can withstand the intended load for intended time is the aim of this testing apparatus.

The Testing apparatus
Box Compression Tester Digital is a consistent tool to indicate the Compression strength of cardboard boxes and carton boxes so that it does not get deformed or crushed when stacked one above the other during storage or transit. It is manufactured under various international Test Standards of ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, ISO 12048, and JIS Z0212. It is used to measure the box compression strength (BCT), shape change and stacking capability of cartons, beehive crates, paper tanks, paper cases etc.

Few key features are as follows:
• Microprocessor based display for accurate test results for live test recording
• Highly accurate test results under uniform compression force
• TARE and Peak Hold Facility Available in the machine
• Over travel protection offered
• Strong base plate with rugged structure
• Bright LED display at which the test results are observed
• Feather touch controls for user friendly operations.

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