Bursting Strength Tester-Digital Pneumatic with Printer

Model No. - 600(P)


Quick Overview : Bursting Strength Tester Digital Pneumatic with Printer is the high-end model for estimating bursting strength of the materials like paper, corrugated fibre board, cloth, foil, etc. It is equipped with a thermal printer to print the observation immediately for future use. The machine is designed with pneumatic clamping to avoid any slippage of the sample.

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Product Description

Presto’s Bursting strength tester- Digital Pneumatic with Printer is designed to measure the bursting strength of the paper, cloth, corrugated fibre, etc. This high-end model is designed with pneumatic clamping to ensure that there is no slippage of the sample. The hydraulic pressure is applied to the sample via rubber diaphragm. The medium of pressure is glycerin. The pressure is applied on the test sample until it ruptures. The pressure required to burst the sample is considered as the bursting strength. It is represented in kg/cm². It is equipped with a small thermal printer alongside to immediately to print the test results.

Bursting strength is an important factor to determine the quality of the raw material. Many industries cannot approve a bit of sample until testing it for its bursting strength.

PRESTO Bursting Strength Tester is manufactured under various Test Standards ASTM D

3786-01, ASTM D 3786 – 80A, ISO 1060 PART-1 1987.

Technical Specification

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    • Capacity : 40 kg/cm²
    • Display : LED (Digital)
    • Specimen Clamping : Pneumatic 2 - 5 Bar pressure
    • Accuracy : ± 1% within 10% to 90% of entire range as per IS: 1828
    • Least Count / Resolution : 0.1 Kg/cm2
    • Pressure Sensor : Pressure Transducer
    • Power : 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Test fluid : Glycerine about 98% purified (lab grade)
    • Rate of fluid displacement : 95 cc/minute
    • Motor : 1/4 HP Single Phase, 1440 rpm2
    • Dimensions : 540x 600x450 mm
    • Test Range : 1Kg / cm² to 38 Kg / cm²

Salient Features

    • It has an inbuilt memory that can record up to 9 test values
    • It stores and displays peak hold value during the test
    • It comes with a safety switch
    • It comes with a thermal printer
    • Body is made up of mild steel for increased shelf life
    • Havel grey and blue powder coated with bright zinc plating for protection against corrosion


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