Coating Thickness Gauge Ferrous

Model No. - TCT - F01


Quick Overview : Presto coating thickness gauge is the perfect instrument to use measure the expected life of coating. Widely used in paints and dry coating, it measures the dry film thickness very efficiently. Dry coating measurement is a very crucial prospect as it defines a lot about the process, cost and quality. Apart from that, the performance can be estimated in different working environments. It is a non-destruction form of testing and can be used for on-site inspection.

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Product Description

 It is best way to check dry film thickness of non-magnetic organic coating on Ferrous substrates. Non-destructively measure thickness of non-conductive coating (Paint, enamel, rubber plastic etc.) on magnetic metal (iron) substrates. These are the ideal instruments to measure the coating thickness on metallic surfaces. As a magnetic method is used, so it can only be used to measure non-ferrous coating like steel. It is widely used in measuring the coating of used cars,

While selecting a coating thickness gauge, the important criteria is to check the accuracy of the device with respect to the test materials. The results get widely varied by the precision of the instruments and the skill of the operator. Presto’s coating thickness gauge is designed with utmost precision and according to the testing standards. 

Salient Features

    • Based on Eddy current measurement method
    • Supplied in an industrial Carrying Case
    • Flexible lead Measuring Probes set of 5 Calibration Foils and Zero Disks.
    • Option for single and Multiple point calibration.
    • Thickness Range : 0-1250 micro metre
    • Accuracy : ±2.5 micro metre


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