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Scuff Tester  
Scuff Tester
Model No:  PSR -292
The term scuffing is the rubbing of two materials against each other. Scuff Resistance Tester is used to evaluate the rub resistance (i.e. the damage which has taken place through rubbing) of labels and general printed matter.
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Presto Scuff Resistance Tester rubs two printed surfaces against each other (face-to-face) in the same plane, at the same speed (60 rpm), under a constant rubbing pressure. The rub test equipment can be used in Paper & Packaging industries to evaluate color transfer from printed or coated surfaces during rubbing.
The sample is attached to the base of the tester with the printed side up. A 2 psi test weight is attached to the sample and placed in position over the sample so that the printed sides are face to face. (Ensure use of customer specified material in place of the sample where required by customer). The tester is pre-set for the number of strokes (typically 100 cycles) and the machine is started as per the customer specification. After the required number of strokes, the samples is examined for any signs of ink transfer or scuffing.
  • Specimen Size: 2 inch and 4.5 inches Diameter.
  •  Weight on Sample: 1psi + 1psi separate weights provided
  • Controls : Digital Preset Cycle counter.
  • No. of Cycles: 0 - 9999, 9999.
  • Paint : Powder coated & Chromate finished
  • Input Power : 230 Volts, 50/60Hz, single phase supply.
  • Widely used in the Packaging Industry for labels put on bottles, boxes and laminated packaging.
  • It gives fast, repeatable and accurate results.
  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • Buzzer prompts automatically when test is completed.
  • High efficiency.
  • Low maintenance.
  • To measure rub-proofness of printed paper, carton package & board.
  • Resistance of inks on printed films and leather materials.
  • Handling of glossy magazine and papers.
  • Synthetic carrier/ mover bag.
  • Paper board i.e. corrugated boxes.

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