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Tearing Strength Tester


The Tearing Strength Tester works on the principle of measuring the Internal tearing resistance, which is the force perpendicular to the plane of the fabric required to propagate a single-rip or tear of a defined length from a cut in the fabric when a sudden force is applied. The force required to continue a slit previously cut in a fabric is determined by measuring the work done in tearing the fabric through a fixed distance.

The apparatus consists of a pendulum carrying a clamp which is in alignment with a fixed clamp. The pendulum is in raised, starting position with maximum potential energy. The tear force is computed from scale reading and pendulum capacity. Specimens in warp direction and 5 in weft direction shall be cut. No two test specimen shall contain the same warp and weft threads, and no specimen shall be cut within 150 mm of the edge of the fabric.

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  • Tearing Strength Tester is used to determine the average force in grams per sample required to propagate tearing through a specified length of textile or no rigid cloth. Two sample are cited, a rectangular type and one with a constant radius testing length. The tester is equipped with a pendulum that applies the force. The test involves measuring the loss in the potential energy of the pendulum equating to the work done in tearing the textile.
    Standard 1600 gf instrument with 0-100 scale is used.
                                                            16 x average scale reading
    Average tearing force gf            = ————————————-
                                                                Number of plies
    Tear Factor:
    Used for comparing two papers with regards to their tearing strength.
                                                            Tear Resistance in gf
    Tear Factor                               = ————————————-
                                                              Substance in gm / m2

    • Capacity of the Tearing : 1600 g (can be increased to 3200 g or 6400 g by adding augmenting weights
    • Clamp surfaces of each clamp : L – 35.5 mm x M -15.5 mm
    • Distance between both clamps : 2.5 +/-0.25mm
    • Tearing Distance : 43 +/0.15mm
    • Size of Slit : 20mm
    • Reading of Scale : 0 to 100% Range
    • Calibration check weight : At 1600gms, at 3200gms, at 6400gms
    ASTM D1424 – 09(2013)e1, ASTM D624 – 00(2012)

    • The unit of measurement is mN.
    • The instrument consists of a falling pendulum to cover various measuring ranges.
    • It is provided with cutting templates, cutting knife and board for preparing specimen for the test.
    • There are start and stop for safety solenoid to hold the pendulum at the beginning and end of each test.
    • The tearing test parameters include tearing strength, peak load and median load.
    • The test method is used for determining tear strength involves imparting a cut in the center. There is an opposing tail, also called tongue, which is clamped in the instrument and pulled apart.

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