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Edge Crush Tester  
Digital Edge Crush Tester (ECT)
Model No:  PCT -100
Presto Edge Crush tester – Digital (ECT) is rugged enough for any production testing environment. It is the ideal testing equipment for paper making, packaging, quality inspection department and more. Edge Crush tester – Digital (ECT) is a useful equipment for determining the probable compression strength of corrugated and solid fiber board boxes by testing the paper and paper-board used in making such boxes.
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Edge Crush tester – Digital (ECT) is used for accurate testing of paper, paper-board, solid fiber-board & corrugated board for ECT test and its components as well as performing compression test on all small packages. 

The crushing resistance is determined in terms of KN / unit length. The ECT value will depend on glue (i.e. pasting substance) bonding.
The higher ECT value depicts the rigidity of the CFB box. Hence, it may be used to compare the quality of the CFB board. It is also possible to determine the compression strength of the box (CFB) by using ECT value in the McKee's formula i.e. 

Compression strength = k. ECT x T x Z 

Where, K= Constant
ECT = edge crush test value
T=Thickness of CFB board (wall thickness)
Z= Perimeter of the box i.e. (2 L + 2 W)
  • Capacity :100 Kgf
  • Least Count : 100 g
  • Accuracy : ±1%
  • Speed : 12.5±2.5mm/min
  • Power Requirement : AC 220V, 50Hz, single phase
  • Dimensions :  L 60cm x W 50cm x H 125cm
  • Approximate Weight : net 93 Kg, Gross (Packed) : 110 Kg
  • Simple and accurate read-out on a digital display.
  • Electronic Force measurement by Load cell.
  • Key lock prevents accidental or unauthorized resetting.
  • Electro-mechanical Loading System.
  • Sophisticated Electronic Controls for precision and easy operation.
  • Competence with Peak-Hold.
  • Measuring unit : N/m
 Corrugated, Tube and Cores, Flexible Packaging, Plastic Products, Building Products

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