Best ECT (Edge Crush Testing) Machine in India - Low Price, High Quality

Best ECT (Edge Crush Testing) Machine in India - Low Price, High Quality

A newer standard which is widely used to determine the true performance and stacking strength of packages is the Edge Crush Test (ECT). It is directly related to the stacking strength of a carton.

What is ECT Value?

ECT is a measure of the edgewise compressive strength of a corrugated board or box it is measured by the help of an Edge Crush Tester.

The ECT Tester works on the principle of compressing a small segment of board on its edge. The crushing is performed between two rigid platens or plates perpendicular to the direction of the flutes. The pressure is applied until a peak load is established.

The peak load is measured in the unit of pounds per lineal inch of load bearing edge (lb/in). However, for ease and better understanding the final peak load is usually reported as an ECT value.

How is the ECT Value Measured?

An edge crush test (ECT) is a reliable method, extensively used in the industry to check the quality of corrugated boards and boxes, utilized for packaging products. The ECT Value is a measure of the cross-section crushing of corrugated cardboard. Determination of ECT Value is necessary in order to evaluate the ability of a sheet of corrugated cardboard to resist crushing forces.

The Presto Edge Crush Tester can be used to accurately measure the ECT Value. For measuring the ECT Value, a cross-sectional load is applied on corrugated cardboard until it collapses. Then, the ECT Value is calculated as the maximum compression force that the material can withstand, without failing.

Presto ECT Tester is the best quality Edge Crush Tester available in India at a low price and high quality. It adheres to International quality standards and complies with IS 70-63-2 standards.

Benefits & Use of Measuring ECT

An edge crush test is highly beneficial for evaluation of strength and stacking ability of corrugated boxes. It is a measure of the exact resistance and strength of a material. Using these results and the data complied therein, it is possible for manufacturers to produce boxes, packages and other products, by taking into account the material’s strength and protective capabilities.

Bursting Test

Minimum Edge Crush Test

Maximum Load Per Carton



32 ECT

40 lbs.

Heavy Duty


44 ECT

65 lbs.

Heavy Duty - Double Wall


48 ECT

80 lbs.

It’s noteworthy that here the equivalent ECT values are given as a minimum value. This is because manufacturers or corrugators may use one of many different methods to make each type of corrugated box or board.

Each sample will vary slightly in overall strength. Now, it is important to note that different formulae for a 200# single wall corrugated will cause the equivalent ECT board value to vary between 32 ECT and 44 ECT. Corrugators need to understand what type of corrugated board is being used, before deciding to substitute any equivalent.

For reference, manufacturers can note that if they are shipping a product that weights between 25-40 pounds, then, a 32 ECT single-wall carton should be able to serve their purpose.

However, if manufacturers feel that their carton is going to be subjected to severe handling, the 200# carton might be a safer bet. It would be equivalent to a carton with an ECT of 32 or higher.

In this case, the manufacturer should also conduct the bursting strength test. This can be easily and accurately performed using the Presto Bursting Strength Tester, because bursting strength is more of a reliable measure of rough handling.  


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