Maintenance support assistance that safegaurds your testing equipment from breakdown and damage.

To get the best out of your testing equipment, it is important to have a preventive maintenance plan for your machinery at the right time.

Our engineer visit includes a set of predesigned maintenance actions, which are aimed at enhancing instrument operations, smooth functioning and increasing the life of your testing machine. Our engineers are authorized to access all official spare parts and tools, plus latest documentation - keeping a check on your equipment and its performance.

The biggest advantage of enrolling for our maintenance and calibration services is that it helps to simplify schedules and minimize maintenance cost by avoiding repair rounds. We also keep a track record of our customers along with due date for the necessary service and schedule the engineer visit before the deadline.




Here's a list of the benefits of maintenance and calibration services:


Ensures that the life of your equipment is maximized


Improves the technical
performance of the machine


Reduces downtime
due to malfunctioning


Helps in minimizing
the effect of non-compliance