Training - Presto Group Testing Instruments

From apprentice to expert, our training courses are designed for all.

We deliver a broad range of training syllabi with specifically designed courses for developers of testing methods and instrument operators, including both apprentice and professionals.

Our training programs are conducted at our head office located in Delhi NCR. Metro connectivity ensures ease of commuting.

The training program has been specifically designed to help participants to easily learn upgraded techniques used for wide variety of material testing methods. It enables them to develop intelligent perceptions for testing instruments and other software tools used therein.

Our program will not only help enhance your skill set & techniques, but also make you capable of revolutionizing the quality standards of your products.


The Benefits

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A perfect fusion of theoretical and practical knowledge.

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Helps acquire primary troubleshooting and maintenance advice.

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Provides an opportunity to research and upgrade your testing techniques with experienced applications engineers.

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Interaction with knowledgeable trainers conducting superlative courses increases learning.

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Provides practical learning along with classroom experience with a team of expert trainers.