Director Message- Presto Group Testing Instruments

We are a dynamic team working towards bringing premier testing instruments to the world.

Presto offers a wide range of Training Programs specially designed to meet the training requirements of machine operators, test method developers, businesses and enterprises. The courses are technically organized to contribute in skill development of operators and the curriculum covers all leading technologies, aimed to fulfil everyone’s needs - be it an apprentice or an expert.

In addition to our course offerings, the Training Programs provide ancillary support services to organizations, in terms of training needs assessments, competency development and evaluation activities.

These training courses are available at our head office located in Faridabad, Delhi NCR. The facility is established in a prime location and metro connectivity adds to your convenience.

The operators will be trained for testing of materials and will gain knowledge about the latest techniques used for quality testing. By attending the course, they will gain massive insights and understanding of the intricacies regarding your testing instruments and related software tools.

The teachings offered will help you to derive the best out of your machinery and eventually increase productivity, profit and return on investment.


Message from the Guiding Force

Mr. Anil Malhotra

Mr. Anil Malhotra
(Chairman, Presto Group)

The secret of Presto’s revolutionary success lies in its intense approach towards repeatable quality delivery, technological advancement and customer satisfaction. Our progressive growth came to us as a reward for our unstoppable journey towards perfection. Our state-of-the art products are a benchmark for reliability and accuracy. Thus, perfection is an element which is ingrained in each and every Presto product.

We believe that our commitment of quality towards our valued customers is our prime focus. I am glad that we have always been successful in honouring our word and valuing customer relationships. I acknowledge our team of research scientists and design engineers, who have worked hard to develop our state-of-the-art products. The team is continuously working on establishing latest upgraded technologies at economical prices. Thus, we offer a wide range of products which meet current world challenges and high-quality requirements of our customers.

This dream of being the leading manufacturer could’ve never been accomplished without our dedicated and diligent workforce. Their technological expertise and responsibility towards customer care have been instrumental in establishing Presto as a leader in its sphere of operation. We are proud to see that our quality products often surpass customer expectations.

Today our products are popular in more than 60 countries across the globe. We are working towards expanding and strengthening our global network. Presto Testing Instruments aspires to be a globally recognized organization which is competent in providing the best quality and material testing equipment manufacturer in the world.

Mr. Vishal Malhotra

Mr. Vishal Malhotra
(Managing Director, Presto Group)

Ever since I joined Presto, I have become a part of a culture of continuous improvement- in terms of innovation, product quality, and technology and customer satisfaction. We specialize in providing cost effective solutions that cater to the quality assurance needs of the global plastic & packaging industry, Textile & yarn industry and polymer testing. Customer needs and manufacturing user-friendly products have always been at the fore front of our design technology.

Each Presto product demonstrates that latest technology and unmatched quality together are instrumental in providing sustainable results. Our Founder, Sh.J.N.Malhotra inner drive towards unadulterated excellence has motivated us to make remarkable progress in this arena.

As Presto continued to grow its business in India, the company began looking beyond its traditional borders. Led by the visionary leadership of our chairperson, Sh. Anil Malhotra, Presto forged strong ties with Japan, USA, Germany and Taiwan, where we have a substantial market presence. The quality of each Presto product speaks for itself.

Mr. Gaurav Malhotra

Mr. Gaurav Malhotra
(CEO, Presto Group)

In the last 35 years of our existence, we have grown from strength to strength. Today we stand proud being one of the top global leaders with our brand established in both national and international markets. Owing to our enthusiasm and promptness in adopting latest technologies, the precision and unmatched quality of our products is growing day by day.

I consider the habit of constant learning and upgrading ourselves, as per the industry requirements, as one of our greatest assets. I firmly believe that ‘change is the only constant in this world’.

The outstanding quality of our testing instruments has surpassed international standards and our hunger to achieve bigger milestones in this niche industry helped us in becoming a company which has reached higher echelons of success. For a company which is driven by its passion for quality and a company which partners with clients in their quest towards quality, sky is the limit!

I express my deep gratitude to our Founder, Late Mr. J. N. Malhotra and our Chairman, Mr. Anil Malhotra, who have been our guiding light and source of strength.