Technical Support - Presto Group Testing Instruments

Our support teams are here to help you understand the worth of your Presto Testing equipments.

System Analytic Assistance

In case any failure or defect is experienced that requires immediate attention, software updates or any technical repairing, one can contact us via Email, phone or opt for our 24*7 online assistance. With your permission, our engineers are able to troubleshoot your system remotely to reduce downtime and promptly conclude next steps to ensure smooth running.

Professional & Training Services

In order to help and upgrade knowledge regarding any test method or testing standards, our high-level performance assistance service is at your disposal. Our highly knowledgeable and professional trainers are available for providing the required guidance to machine operators, starting from apprentice to experts. You can be updated with the latest technological mechanism used in the global industry with our international network of trainers.

Application and Operation Assistance

In case you require expert assistance to understand our software or instrumental functionality, we are available on email and phone, besides providing online support. The customers who are in their first year of machine or software tools repairing will be served with utmost priority and will be offered expert guidance & technical support.

Software Update Releases

We provide online software updates via e-mail to our users. It is highly advised that you consult our experts prior to software update installation and provide details like serial number, User ID configuration etc. for further help. When promoted to new software editions, noteworthy performance improvement and functionality are made available for purchase. We also offer training and services to help you with migration to new software editions.

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