Relocation Assistance Support

Want to relocate your laboratory testing machines? Presto’s expert assistance is available for you.

Our team of highly skilled professionals deliver complete support for relocation from start to finish. Our team has a rich experience in relocation processes and are very competent in moving the equipment safely, securely and on time. Our team also helps in providing support and documentation guidance during the transition.

We work very closely with the client to create the perfect plan and workout the ideal solution, best suited to their requirements. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of your instrument. As they have gained expertise, they know exactly how much force can be applied on which area and which section is vulnerable. They are aware of how to move and land the machine in the safest possible way. For successful re-installation and setup of your testing equipment, it is highly advised that you must allow our experienced engineers to do their job. Actions such as preventative maintenance, calibration, software updates, system set-up and guidance will be better executed when handled by a professional.

Listed below are some important areas where we deliver unmatched services:

  • Constant testing assurance
  • Upgraded version updates
  • Guidance to prepare fresh services
  • Facing disconnection of services
  • Equipment lift points
  • Relocation and Organization
  • Set up and Initiation of Machine
  • Calibration facility
  • Maintenance and Verification of the equipment
  • Support in Testing methods and standards
  • Professional Training to operators

Presto helps relocate & reassemble/rearrange your valued testing equipment and enhance product quality.