Repairs & Parts-Presto Testing Instruments

Repair facility with latest
diagnostic and repair
instruments available.

We have made the investments basically in training, staffing, inventories and tools to fulfill the requests of the customers for parts replacement as fast as possible.

Moreover, our maintenance and calibration services will minimize the requirement for repair visits.

We carry out the repairs and provides the services for your accessories at our centralize repair facilities. Call Us Now for parts & repairs services.

When systems are occupied, productivity drops and customer loyalty can be put at risk. We highly recommend maintenance services to minimize loss. When repair is necessary, our experienced service provider, backed by committed replacement inventories, stands ready to efficiently restore operations of your testing equipment.

We will support as long as it is technically feasible. When suitable, we can install upgrades to enhance the working of the equipment, considerably lower maintenance cost and new functionalities to boost ROI.

When it comes to product quality testing & improvement
we totally rely on Presto’s testing instruments.

- Maneesh Bhatnagar (Pepsico India Limited)

Factory Repair

If your testing instrument cannot be mended at your site, we can perform repair in our factory. Our team of technicians and engineers have years of experience with your instrument to assemble and repair the parts, circuit boards, electrical components, hydraulic actuators and more. Our technicians have access to lift devices, tools and factory expertise necessary to repair and test the testing instrument's performance.

Replacement Parts

We have a wide range of tools and accessories to accelerate the repair of your testing instrument. To assist you with the identification and ordering of various parts we maintain a Help Desk. You can also place your order through your Presto sales representative. We also stock range of extensometers and load cells that are required for normal operation.

On-Site Repair

Our experienced engineers are always available to repair your instruments at your place. We make our best effort to ensure quick and effective on-site repairs. For this, we

  • Inform you of the forthcoming visit and validate the reason of our visit.
  • Obtain any essential approvals that your corporation requires to enter to your site.
  • Ensure that our records regarding your equipment are correct.
  • Ask you about changes that have taken place at our last visit.
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