5 common challenges solved by the coefficient of friction tester

5 common challenges solved by the coefficient of friction tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra

In our daily lives, we use a lot of flexible paper & packaging materials. We are surrounded by such materials because of our dependency on flexible packaging but have you ever wondered about the R&D that takes place behind such packaging materials?  It is so crucial to identify the minimal aspects of a flexible material to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction by manufacturing a flawless product for the customer. One major aspect that needs to be addressed is the coefficient of friction of such flexible packaging materials.

The manufacturers of the flexible packaging industry face a lot of problems in identifying the evenness and smoothness of a material. However, the Presto Group has come up with a one-stop solution, called the co efficient of friction tester. This highly advanced packaging testing instrument is designed to assist manufacturers from the flexible packaging industry in solving the challenges pertaining to the evenness and smoothness of a material.

Challenges of Flexible Packaging Manufacturers

When we talk about testing the flexible packaging films, then there are different challenges that will occur. Below we have created a list of these challenges that most of the packaging manufacturers will face.

·  For a manufacturer in the flexible packaging industry, it becomes vital to understand the correct friction levels whether static or dynamic of a material. The quantification measurement to get standardized approval is an extremely difficult task.

·      Another big issue faced by such manufacturers is to evaluate the friction of the manufactured material to ensure their packaging materials will not fail when shipped or transported. 

·    It is very problematic for manufacturers to assess the difference between the coefficient of dynamic and the coefficient of static friction of a material. However, it is necessary to derive both the friction levels for achieving adequate levels of evenness as well as smoothness.

·      It is very important for a manufacturer to keep up with the constantly enhancing technology by improving the testing standards and methods at regular intervals in order to stay a step ahead of the competitors when it comes to providing assured quality.

·      In major cases, it is observed that the manufacturers are not even aware of the accurate testing standards and face issues in identifying the right values of the attained friction. This leads to higher & lower friction of the materials, resulting in accidents that could be fatal during the stacking of laminates or while performing other tasks like mass printing, ink abrasion tests & so on.

These challenges were highly important to address, this urged the Presto Group to create an ergonomically designed instrument - co efficient of friction tester for assessing the coefficient of friction effortlessly and aiding manufacturers.

How is Co Efficient of Friction Tester a One-Stop Solution for All these Challenges?

The co efficient of friction tester is equipped with top-notch technology and provides an assurance of ASTM D618, ASTM D 883, BS 2782, TAPPI 815, TAPPI 549 & ASTM D 1894 standards.

Ø This paper & packaging testing instrument solves the problematic concern of manufacturers to assess the friction values with different samples by the provision of a slider block for performing tests on a glass surface, and a metal sled along with the instrument. This allows the manufacturer to test the sample with three different methods i.e.

1.    Sample to sample

2.    Sample to glass

3.    Sample to metal

Ø The instrument solves the increasing issues regarding the quantification of friction values. This lab testing instrument is equipped with a microprocessor-based display to indicate the accurate friction values in a quantitative measure.

Ø The hassle of manufacturers to measure out the friction values into both static and dynamic frictions is taken care of by the Presto Group as the instrument is technologically advanced enough to evaluate both static & dynamic friction.

Ø The friction tester also resolves the problem of lack of awareness amongst manufacturers regarding the correct friction values that need to be attained by complying with values plated into ASTM, TAPPI & BS standards. 

Ø The accurate testing results by the friction tester consistently have not just gained the assurance of various standards & manufacturers but have also made sure to prevent fatal accidents due to slippage of materials while stacking in case of lower friction levels or prevention of confusion due to ink expunging in case of higher friction levels.

All these solutions were the need of the hour for manufacturers of the paper & packaging industry. The Presto Group as the leading lab testing instrument manufacturer has always poured their heart into providing the finest quality equipment to enhance the industry. 

Technical Specifications of Co efficient of Friction Tester

The technical aspects of the friction tester enhance the instrument’s accuracy & consistency to derive both the coefficient of static friction as well as the coefficient of dynamic friction. The instrument is equipped with loop-less fly screws for optimized firmness of the specimen during the test. The Presto Group has also assisted the manufacturers operating the instrument with feather touch controls to promote single-handed & hassle-free operations.

All the technologically advanced specifications of the co efficient of friction tester make sure that the user stays a step ahead of competitors with the help of these advanced specs & features.

Facing Friction-related Issues? Buy Co-efficient of Friction Tester

If you also face such challenges mentioned above or any other friction-related issues you can straight away buy co-efficient of friction tester and you can also get a free testing of the instrument by visiting our laboratory. In case of any queries & questions, please feel free to contact us via phone call at +91 9210903903 or by writing to us on our e-mail at info@prestogroup.com. Get your hands on the top-notch co-efficient of static friction tester/co-efficient of dynamic friction tester right away.   


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