5 Precautions to Be Taken For Setting Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

5 Precautions to Be Taken For Setting Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

If you are looking for accurate testing equipment for analyzing the oxygen levels in different materials like food packages etc. then we have a solution for you. Oxygen analyzer Toray is considered to be one of the best lab testing equipment that will help to measure the amount of oxygen present in the package. This testing instrument is widely used in the food packaging industry and provides accurate testing results of oxygen concentration present in food packages, beverages, medicines, etc. Here in this article, we are going to provide you with the list of precautions that you must take while setting Zirconia oxygen analyzer.

What is a Zirconia oxygen analyzer and for what purpose it is used?

The LC-450F zirconia oxygen analyzer is considered to be the best-selling testing instrument that will help you to measure the oxygen levels in food and pharmaceutical products. This oxygen gas analyzer should be installed in an explosion-proof area where there is no possibility of fire or explosion occurring. Whenever you install this lab testing equipment then you should make sure that the voltage of the power supply meets the power supply specifications on the nameplate of the oxygen analyzer before making connections. Also, when installing or removing this oxygen analyzer, work with the power supply off, and then supply power after the work is completed.

This amazing testing equipment supplied by Presto Testing Instruments is very easy to use. It has a sticky pen-shaped sampling probe that can easily be stuck to the package. This testing instrument is best for sealing inspection inside the package of different materials like foods, medicines, beverages, etc. Thus, by analyzing the amount of oxygen present, you can reduce the amount of product to be deoxidized.

It comes with new and advanced technology features that help to determine oxygen concentrations in the product. Monitoring these oxygen levels of the product will let you deliver your product with quality and safety. You can also read about how the Zirconia oxygen analyzer is helpful in providing accurate measurement of oxygen levels.

From the above information, you get an idea about the purpose of this amazing lab testing instrument. Now, we will focus on the features and technical specifications of the Zirconia oxygen analyzer.

What are the features of the Zirconia oxygen analyzer?

The LC-450F is an oxygen analyzer with a solid-state battery system (oxygen concentration cell) using a Zirconia solid-state electrolyte cell. This oxygen gas analyzer is portable and utilizes the fact that the EMF (ElectroMotive Force) in the high-temperature state varies in proportion to only the temperature, and the logarithm of the oxygen partial pressure ratio between the electrodes. This system has the feature that oxygen concentration can be measured at high precision, with a rapid response speed. Here we have created a list of features of this amazing lab testing instrument.

  • The high-quality zirconia solid-state electrolyte cell is made with a special manufacturing technique.
  • The unit is so compact and handy that you can carry it anywhere
  • This testing instrument is compliant with the RoHS directive and is more environment-friendly.
  • Best suitable for measuring oxygen levels as compared to conventional oxygen analyzers by reducing power consumption.
  • The necessary sampling amount for measurement is small.

These are some of the amazing features you will get with an oxygen analyzer-Toray. You can read more about oxygen analyzer features here.

Technical specifications of Zirconia oxygen analyzer

This easy-to-operate and user-friendly testing equipment will easily measure the oxygen levels by connecting the sampling probe to the package. It makes use of low power to get operate and comes with an environment-conscious design. Here we have listed the technical specifications of this Zirconia oxygen analyzer.

  • Communication method: Single-way transmission
  • Interface: Conformed to RS-232C standard
  • Synchronization method : Start-stop synchronization
  • Character configuration: 10 bits
  • Baud Rate: Selection among 19200/9600/4800 bps. The standard product is shipped in 9600 bps setting
  • Control code: ASCII code (JIS 7-bit code compatible with alphabetic letters)
  • Communication cable: RS232C cross (reverse) cable

These are the technical specifications you will get with the use of this amazing lab testing equipment. You can read more about the technical specifications of the oxygen analyzer here. Whenever you move towards setting up this testing instrument, then you need to take some precautions so that no mishap will happen. Thus, we have created a list of the top five precautions that you must take while setting the oxygen analyzer.

Precautions to be taken while setting oxygen analyzer

To ensure that this equipment is used correctly and safely, be sure to follow the precautions given below.

  • This testing instrument is designed to be installed indoors. While installing the o2 analyzer from Toray, you should not place it where the instrument is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Whenever you install this testing equipment, then you should make sure that there will be no vibrations and shocks will be there.
  • Do not install this testing instrument where there is a lot of oil, smoke, moisture, and other corrosive gases.
  • You should avoid installing it near an electromagnetic field source.
  • When disposing of the packing material, oxygen analyzer, and its parts, be sure to follow the instructions of each local government and dispose of them properly so that they do not become a source of environmental pollution.

These are some instructions and precautions that you can follow while setting up this oxygen analyzer. If you need any difficulty in the installation or setting up this oxygen analyzer then give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. We will surely assist you with your queries.

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