Ascertain Flow Characteristics of Resins with the Melt Flow Index Tester

Melt Flow Index Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra

The polymer materials that are used in many industries ranging from preform to packaging are highly crucial due to the dependency of manufacturers on this material. These materials are the prime choice for the construction of products like bottles, containers, automobiles, vehicles, packaging products, etc. With the increased demand for the product, it becomes vital for manufacturers to meet the supply with adequate quality levels.

The polymer materials that are used in the production process of various products are polymer granules & resins in their preform stage. Since the polymer products have variable properties and are used for different purposes, it is important to segregate these products in their performance stage to avoid losses due to incorrect production as these productions are laid out on mass scales and can resort to hefty losses.

The manufacturers melt the polymer granules to convert them into a preform stage and then the final product is made out of these preforms. However, there are instances when these preforms are not up to the mark due to issues in calculating the melt flow index and thus incorrect melting of granules causing uneven preform products.  

To curb this issue of manufacturers, the Presto Group offers the melt flow index tester a lab testing instrument, designed to determine the melt flow rate of polymer granules with no or minimal hassle.

Functioning Process of the Melt Flow Index Tester

The melt flow index tester has gained popularity in the polymer & plastic manufacturing industry due to its ergonomic design of working and firm build that ensures longevity.

The working of the instrument starts with the operator placing the polymer granules inside the barrel of the instrument. The operator must take the help of the press tool provided along with the equipment to remove the air gap between the piston (weight assembly) and the polymer granules or resins.

The operator can then add weight to the pressure assembly as per the guidelines of the standard or the demand of the specimen being tested. Once the positioning of the piston and the granules is completed, the operator can move further with the test.

The barrel heaters are turned on to elevate the temperature inside the testing barrel causing the specimen to heat up the polymer granules and thus melt after a point of time. The piston plays a pivotal role here in expediting testing measures as the granules exert pressure from above during the melting process that enhances the speed of the specimen to move from the die.

The die is a small opening structure that allows the passing of the granules in the molten state. There is a rotating cutter, associated right outside the die that is responsible for precisely & equally cutting the specimen equally.

The stick-shaped polymer granules are carved though equally by the rotating cutter due to its ergonomic and satisfying-to-watch cutting mechanism.

The specimen falls on the circular stainless steel plate that allows the operator to collect the melted & carved specimen with ease and measure the weight of the same to determine the melt flow index of the instrument. The melt flow index formula is:

MFI = Grams/ per 10 minutes

It is highly important to clean the instrument with the help of the die 7 barrel cleaner after the test is performed to ensure maximum accuracy while conducting the test next time onward. The instrument is also offered with another accessory called the die aligner for aligning the die accurately, allowing the operator to conduct the test with maximum accuracy.

Acknowledging the features of the instrument is a must as they are responsible for the facile testing process of the melt flow index machine.

Features of the Melt Flow Index Tester

The melt flow index tester is offered with highly advanced attributes & characteristics that ensure single-handed testing operations for the operator of the instrument.

The most high-end feature of the instrument is the integration of the barrel heaters in such a way that they elevate the temperatures to a maximum of 400 degrees Celsius within no time and also promise uniform heating inside the barrel.

The instrument has an associated rotating cutter that cuts the specimen into equal portions with absolute finesse allowing the operator to collect the specimen with the stainless steel circular plate and determine the test results.

The melt flow index tester has also ensured the incorporation of additional accessories along with the instrument, enabling the operator to perform testing with ease like the press tool and variable weights with the piston to satisfy the guidelines of various standards as well as the cleaning tools like the die cleaner, barrel cleaner as well as the die alignment.

The stainless steel circular plate also plays a pivotal role in the cleaning of the melt flow index machine as it acts as a mirror and helps the operator to keep a look at whether the light passes through the die cleaner to ensure whether there are any molted polymer granules still present after the test.

The instrument is also offered by a firm that has gained the trust of manufacturers from the plastic & polymer industry and has therefore achieved a popular status when it comes to determining the melt flow index. The instrument is made with stainless steel & mild steel material coated with 7-layered powder paint ensuring maximum anti-corrosiveness.

Get Yourself the Melt Flow Index Tester Right Now!

The incorporation of so many features by the melt flow index tester manufacturer is the major reason to get your hands on the instrument without any further delay.  If you want to evaluate the melt flow rate of polymer granules and make accurate preforms for high-quality final products made with polymer granules, you can book the instrument by reaching us on our website.

To make an order right now, call us at +91 9210903903 or drop us an email with all the necessary requirements as well as customisations at


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