Assess PET Bottle Durability against Bursting with the Bottle Burst Tester

Assess PET Bottle Durability against Bursting with the Bottle Burst Tester

We consume a lot of beverages & drinks from PET bottles on a daily basis but have you ever wondered about the durability & construction quality of such bottles or how these bottles remain intact even after falling off?

These bottles are tested by their manufacturers before being used by the beverage companies. This lab testing instrument that is required to perform this necessary task is called the bottle burst tester.

The bottle burst tester is a precisely engineered lab testing instrument designed & manufactured by the Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. The main aim of the instrument is to determine the strength of the PET bottles to withstand rupturing or bursting in order to ensure their durability and assist the end user of the product with maximum satisfaction.  

Let us understand the functioning of the amazingly designed lab testing instrument and find out that how does it evaluate PET bottles against bursting.

Functioning of a Bottle Burst Tester

The bottle burst tester conducts a burst strength test on PET bottles to measure their durability against bursting with a very simplistic mechanism.

The instrument is equipped with a dedicated stainless steel PET bottle holder for precise positioning of the specimen. Once the specimen is positioned in the bottle holder, the lid on top of the holder is closed, controlled by a lever.

The instrument then starts forcing air pressure on the specimen to measure the ability of the bottle to withstand the force. The air pressure is exerted until the bottle bursts and the highest pressure that the specimen was able to withstand before bursting is recorded.

The pressure gauge indicates the pressure exerted on the specimen up to 260 psi. The microprocessor-based display also indicates the bursting strength to aid the operator in recording the burst strength derived from the conduction of the burst strength test.

Once the burst testing machine conducts the test fully and the specimen is ruptured, the air pressure automatically stops exerting and the operator can easily remove the lid of the specimen holder to take the specimen out of the bottle holder.

The conduction of this test becomes highly necessary for the beverage industry as the companies using carbonated drinks experience bursting of bottles very often because of the uneven thickness of the walls of the bottle.

The instrument not only ensures the correct burst strength but also provides a sense of assurance to the customer or the end user of the bottle that the bottle that he/she is using is certified by the burst testing machine under ASTM C147- 86 (2015) standards.

Features of Bursting Strength Tester

The digital bursting strength tester is a feature-enriched lab testing instrument to aid the operator in measuring burst strength with ease and without any hassle.  

The instrument is equipped with a changeable timer feature which enables the operator to set the timer as per convenience into different units i.e. hrs: mins: secs.

The digital display associated with the instrument allows the operator to easily record the results of every test conducted and keep track of them needed to compare for future purposes.

The strong clamping mechanism is also a key feature of the equipment as it makes sure that the sample does not move during the and the air pressure is uniformly exerted on the bottle.

Once the testing is completed, the feature of buzz alarm indicates the operator so that further actions can be taken in no time to expeditiously complete the testing process. This also ensures safety and electricity savings to an extent.

The automatic pressure controller through the pneumatic mechanism makes the usage of the instrument extremely hassle-free and simplistic allowing the operator to perform single-handed promotions. This also reduces the human effort and thus the scope of human error.

The stainless steel structure of the bottle holder along with the mild steel structure coated with 7-layered powder paint of the instrument strengthens the durability of the instrument and enhances longevity by providing rustproofing capabilities into the digital bursting strength tester.

There are certain factors that one must take complete care of during the installation & usage of the instrument.

Installation & Usage Factors of Bursting Strength Tester

It is necessary to make sure that the instrument is installed under the guidance of an expert from our advanced team of technical experts.

Remember that the instrument requires pneumatic support through pneumatic pipelines for a hassle-free running of the instrument.

Make sure that the instrument is placed on an even floor that does not have any bumps for accurate & precise testing of the instrument.

The operator must close the lid with the help of a lever to ensure precise air pressure and check the pressure gauge for monitoring purposes at regular intervals.


The digital bursting strength tester allows the manufacturers of PET bottle industry to check the quality of their bottles against rupturing by determining the strength of the bottle. The strength of the bottle is measured by air pressure pneumatically. The instrument is well-equipped with features to aid the operator and it depicts the operator-centric approach of the Presto Group.

The instrument is extremely crucial for the beverage and aerated drinks-making companies as they have to measure that if the thickness of their wall is able to withstand the bursting force against them or not. The machine does require some regular maintenance for precise & accurate testing consistently.

Get Yourself a Digital Strength Tester Right Now

To measure the burst strength of PET bottles, you can get your hands on the highly advanced and precisely engineered lab testing instrument by visiting our website right away. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at and you can also talk to us to ask any questions & queries regarding any lab testing instrument by calling us at +91 9210903903. We are happy to serve our customers with the best possible lab testing instruments all across the globe and assure you fine experience. Buy digital strength tester today to avoid your bottle burst problems.  

Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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