Best Color Matching Cabinet in India - Benefits, Features & Price

Best Color Matching Cabinet in India - Benefits, Features & Price

 The Colour Matching Cabinet is extensively used in numerous industries to provide a standardized environment for the evaluation, justification and visual assessment of colors. It finds wide usage in almost all applications where manufacturers need to maintain color consistency and quality.

Benefits of Colour Matching Cabinet

1.    The major benefit of using a Color Matching Cabinet is that it allows a user to assess and evaluate color sample under different light sources, namely:

ü  Filament light,

ü  Ultra violet light,

ü  Artificial daylight, and

ü  Tube light TL 84 (also known as tri-phosphor fluorescent light).

2.    The evaluation of the sample under multiple light sources is the best way to detect and determine ‘metamerism’ – a phenomenon wherein the samples appear to match under one light source, but appear to be different and inconsistent under another light, depending on the light source.

3.    Hence, colour matching cabinet is the globally used method for analysis of colour consistency and is considered to be the preferred choice in various industries. It is widely used for accurate color matching of the sample under analysis, in various industries such as- Paints, Plating, Plastic, Paper and Textiles etc.

There is no better alternative for faster, closer and accurate color matching, in India as well as internationally.

Features & Price of Presto Color Matching Cabinet

An advanced and accurate instrument, Presto Color Matching Cabinet is equipped with the most accurate light cabinet for visual analysis. Globally used for evaluation of fabrics, dresses, cloth, textiles, plastics and leathers, paints, cosmetics etc., it checks color-matching under a standard light source. The evaluation is executed under a closed environment to minimize the interference of external lights.

In today’s world, manufacturers need to be more conscious of the quality of their products as well as consistency in colour. Thus, testing the color consistency in laboratories and several industries is important.

The most reliable and accurate equipment - the Presto Color Matching Cabinet is the best testing machine to check the color consistency and quality of a product. The machine can assess and visually evaluate the color under a standardized atmosphere. It is the best quality instrument in India, available at a reasonable price. 

Since the equipment is very helpful to detect the problem of metamerism, it aids manufacturers of various industries like textile and yarn, plastic, paper and widely used in paint and plating industry.

Why is Presto Color Matching Cabinet Recommended?

With decades of popularity, Presto Color Matching Cabinet is most preferred testing machine in India & overseas, due to its durability and quality. The machine has five light sources following all the CIE International standards. It offers an effective and accurate color matching solution of the color consistency issues.

Besides paints, elastomers, and plastics the equipment is also used to check materials such as wood, ceramics and glass. It is specifically used in textile & fabric industry, because the different appearance of colour of a garment or fabric cause problems as the color is important to attract the customers.

The Presto Color Matching Cabinet is a reliable equipment for determining the color consistency issues in an efficient way. Presto Testing Instruments are the best Color Matching Cabinet Manufacturers in India. For further assistance and price in India, please visit or call 0129-4272727 for more details and customization of the equipment.

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