Best Quality Coefficient of Friction Tester at Economical Price

Best Quality Coefficient of Friction Tester at Economical Price

To build a good reputation, manufacturers need to ensure that the printing quality of their packages is superlative. This can be easily evaluated using the coefficient of friction tester. The Coefficient of Friction Tester is extensively used in the industry, for testing the friction response of the packaging materials such as printed labels, films, laminates, paper, pipes and tapes.

Widely used in the paper and packaging industry, Presto Coefficient of Friction Tester, is a highly reliable, durable, premium quality equipment, which is very popular in the Indian subcontinent and beyond.

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Uses of Presto Coefficient of Friction Tester

Friction is a necessary evil, which plays an important role in impacting movement. In case friction is too high, it might not allow the object to move at all. On the other hand, if friction is too low, the object might move without any external force or resistance, simply under the effect of the gravity.

Moreover, when packaging is subjected to high frictional forces, it may lead to damage and deface the packaging. Sometime, the printing of the packaging gets erased. These effects on the packaged materials indicates that the packaging is of low quality.

ü  Ideally, the packaging should betested against different surfaces to ensure that will not deteriorate when subjected to extreme friction. Presto offers the best quality Coefficient of Friction Tester which provides accurate and reliable testing results.

ü  Coefficient of friction tester is a very reliable equipment, that is not only used for testing the behavior of packaging when they are subjected to extreme friction, but also the level of damage or defacement experienced by it.

ü  Packaging materials play an important role in different industries - the look and feel of the packaging, the aesthetics of the package and the printing create the first impression on the customers, especially in case of consumer goods and FMCG products. If the packaging is defaced due to any factor, it creates a negative impression on the buyer; they doubt the quality of the products. Thus, it is important that manufacturer should create attractive packages with high quality printing.

One of the greatest reasons for the defacing and damage to the packaging of products – is the friction it experiences during movement, transportation, stacking and storage.

Additionally, high frictional forces also hinder the easy movement as well as storage of the products. Hence, packaging materials which are used in industries must have the strength to endure and withstand harsh levels of friction. Manufacturers need to ensure ways of preventing any damage to the packaging or the print quality of the products.

To test the resistance of the packaging materials against friction, the Presto Coefficient of Friction Tester is one of the most accurate testing instruments. It finds extensive use in different industries because:

1.     Accuracy - In order to accurately evaluate the coefficient of friction of the packaging materials, the COF Tester is used determined how much friction the materials can withstand, without facing any damage to its integrity or printing. Manufacturers can, thus, ensure the best quality of the packaging materials that can withstand the harshest conditions.

2.     Digital Display – ThePresto Coefficient of Friction Tester is fitted with a digital display. This allows the users to take accurate test data, with easy visibility.

3.     Automation - The equipment is fitted with automatic testing mechanism which simulates the actual friction conditions and gives accurate testing results.

Presto Testing Instruments are the best manufacturers of Coefficient of Friction Tester in India. For further assistance, please call @ +91-9210 903 903 for more details and customization of the equipment.

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