BOD Incubators for Testing Labs

BOD Incubators for Testing Labs

If you are wondering of the incubators, these are highly effective testing machines that are widely used in microbiological labs to maintain and develop the small cultures such as microbiological cultures. The equipment is also used to create sufficient amount of temperature and humidity conditions in the laboratories. The instrument is also used to maintain various ecological conditions such as oxygen generation, carbon dioxide content, etc. These incubators are quite essential for the researchers and engineers in testing laboratories to perform various types of tests in different applications such as microbiology, molecular biology, biology cells to the culture of eukaryotic cells and bacterial cells.

Use of Incubators in Different Industries

  • Incubators are widely used in Poultry as an alternative of hens to enhance the rate of the hatch.
  • The instrument is also used in medical laboratories to keep premature newborn babies to maintain the required environment for them in which they can survive and grow. Incubators in medical laboratories are used to create the temperature similar to mother’s womb.
  • The laboratory testing machine is widely used by the doctors to measure the bacterial infection that generated in human beings. Such types of incubators are known as bacteriological incubators.
  • Apart from this, these incubators are used by the doctors to check the growth in the tissue cultures that are different from the microorganisms.

How to Use Incubators?

To perform the test, the sample is placed inside the instrument and temperature regulates as per the standard requirement of the sample. This process helps the experts to examine the fragmentation of the tissues to measure the working of the cells.

Construction of Lab Incubators

The laboratory incubators comprise of three things, glass wool insulation for maintaining accurate temperature, stainless steel 304 sheet and insulation materials such as nuts, motors, fans, etc. Incubators are double walled convection units that are low maintenance devices and can be used for a long period of time for multiple applications. The testing equipment is highly versatile and effective in nature which is used to create indirect heat inside the device using air heaters that are duly fitted with the heating wires. The consistency of heat is maintained inside the chamber using the fan motor that ensures even and uniform temperature throughout the device. One of the widely used Incubators that are used in laboratories for bacteriological tests is BOD incubator or Biochemical Oxygen Demand incubator. 

BOD Incubator – An Extremely Advanced Device for Testing Labs 

BOD incubators are an extremely crucial device which is used in testing laboratories to perform various types of test on different products. These devices are used in hospitals, research centers, and pharmaceutical labs. The testing equipment is designed with the sophisticated features that help to set the temperature of the device easily. As suggested by its name, the testing device incubates the specimens that are saturated with oxygen at a certain temperature and for a set period of time. The instrument generates high insulation as it is equipped with imported glass wool ergonomics which ensures less heat loss ratio. These incubators are designed with user-friendly features so that the researcher in laboratories can operate the device easily after reading the instructions.

BOD incubators are used for prevention of contaminants, detection of bacteria and microbes in the sample, treating the sample in biotechnical laboratories. The samples that are related to the medical industries, PET industries, plastic industries, rubber industries, and much more can easily treat in BOD incubators. Click here to Buy BOD Incubator Online at Affordable Price. 

Bod Incubator with Impressive Features

The BOD incubators are designed with sophisticated and technology based features to maintain the required amount of temperature easily. The testing machine ensures less heat loss ratio due to the presence of imported glass wool ergonomics that offers highly prominent insulation. These devices are designed with different types of control panels such as digital panel, HMI user-friendly panel and much more.

Benefits of Using BOD incubators:

  • The BOD incubators are best enough to maintain the best level of organic matter and nitrogen in wastewater sampling procedure.
  • Helps to store wastewater sample easily.
  • Requires less maintenance cost.
  • Helps to measure the presence of dust, contaminants, and microbes and helps to treat them at the required temperature.

Presto Stantest, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Lab testing equipment offers a wide range of highly sophisticated Incubators with different specifications and features to test the samples that are used in different industries.

Key Expertise of BOD incubators

  • The instruments are designed with high-quality bulbs that are positioned on the door to provide sufficient amount of light in the Incubators to view the samples easily.
  • The operating range of the device is up to 70 Degree Celsius with 255 liters chamber capacity (Other sizes of Incubators are also available on customer’s demand)
  • High-quality Stainless Steel – 304 Grade is used for inside and outside construction.

Safety Measures

The testing machines are completely safe to use as it is provided with numerous safety features such as tamper proof controlling system, high-current protection.

Hence, Presto’s BOD incubators are considered as the best device for inspecting the bacterial cultures, fermentation studies, plant and insect research and to fulfill the requirement of biochemical and bacteriological oxygen inside the testing can directly call us at +91 9210903903 or email us at We will assist and guide you regarding this testing instrument.

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