Calculating GSM Values to Precision with the GSM Kit

  • Gaurav Malhotra

Papers are the raw material of each & every rigid packaging product, these rigid packaging products include corrugated boxes, corrugated sheets, cardboard, paper bags, etc. Papers are used not only in the Paper & packaging industry but in various industries like the food & beverage industry for disposable cutlery, stationery, and many other industries, indicating consumers' dependence on paper-made products.

Manufacturers from different industries also opt for paper as a raw material due to its affordability and variable applications. These applications allow manufacturers to make several products from just a single raw material, helping them greatly on the financial tangent by saving tonnes of money.

All the final-made products are tested on their quality as the paper is not an extremely durable material when it comes to hazards & damage. Therefore, it becomes vital as well as mandatory for manufacturers to evaluate the durability of the raw materials. Conducting tests at an early stage aids manufacturers in eradicating the scope of mass losses due to faulty mass production.

One important aspect of manufacturers is to evaluate the GSM of the paper before commencing the production process as GSM helps in determining other factors regarding the paper. For example, to calculate the bursting strength of a paper, it is mandatory to be aware of the GSM values of the paper.

To help manufacturers from all across industries, the Presto Group offers a top-notch lab testing instrument kit, called the GSM machine, equipped with a round cutter as well as a weighing balance.

The instrument has attracted a lot of manufacturers from various industries due to its top-notch accuracy along with ergonomic testing measures which allow the operator to get familiar with the instruments quickly and fastens the testing mechanism.

Working Procedure of the GSM Machine

The paper GSM tester is equipped with 2 instruments namely the GSM round cutter & the GSM weighing balance. The round cutter is a conditioning instrument whereas the weighing balance is the checking instrument.

To start with the process of checking the GSM of a paper, the operator must place the paper on top of the rubber pad provided along with the GSM round cutter.

The cutting instrument is not placed on top of the specimen. The operator must exert some pressure on top of the gsm round cutter that has a rotating mechanism, allowing the operator to condition the specimen with absolute ease.

Before cutting the specimen, the operator has to remove the safety latch attached to the round cutter to prevent hazards. The 1/4th clockwise movement of the rotating wheel cuts the specimen into an accurately circular specimen that has an area of 100 cm2. Only 25% movement is enough for cutting the specimen fully because of the 4-blade assembly integrated within the round cutter of the GSM testing machine.

Once the specimen is conditioned precisely, the operator can move on to the other instrument of the paper GSM tester, the weighing balance.

The instrument acts as a normal weighing scale but with a lot more precision and accuracy. To test the weight of weight & gsm of the specimen the operator has to place the carved-out specimen on the weighing circular plate of the weighing balance, it is highly important to cover the specimen with the acrylic lid as it enhances the accuracy by eradicating all the external factors to affect the result depicted.





The weight of the specimen is indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display attached to the control panel of the weighing scale, allowing the operator to simply record the results. The results depicted are multiplied by 100 to calculate the gsm of the specimen. For example, the result indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display is 0.06 so, the gsm of the specimen will be 0.06 X 100 = 6.

The ergonomic working of the GSM testing machine is possible because of the top-notch features that both instruments are imbibed with as they elevate the accuracy levels and streamline the testing measures for the operator.

Standard Elevating Characteristics of the GSM Machine

The most top-notch feature of the GSM round cutter is the integration of 4 German-made blades which allows the conditioning of the specimen to be accurate with minimal input of effort. The assembly of these instruments also enhances the longevity of the instrument.

Another prominent feature of the round cutter is the incorporation of the rubber pad with the instrument as it allows the operator to place the specimen on it and perform testing rather than placing it on a hard surface which might hamper the blades as well as compromise the accuracy levels.

The most attractive feature of the weighing scale that has captured the attention of manufacturers is the acrylic lid that cuts off the external factors to affect the outcomes of the test and thus achieve higher levels of accuracy.

The weighing scale is equipped with a highly advanced microprocessor-based digital display that indicates highly accurate results and keeps track of up to 9 previous readings, allowing the operator to critically analyze all the test results.

Both the instruments of the GSM machine are equipped with highly advanced features and promise premium-quality construction which enhances the longevity of the instruments as they are made with mild steel & stainless steel material which is coated with 7-layered powder coating in the trademark blue & grey color scheme of Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. to avoid rusting for a long duration.

Buy the High-End GSM Machine Right Away

To ensure accuracy-driven results while measuring the gsm of a paper for further production & testing measures, you can get yourself the finest lab testing kit offered currently in the market by Presto Stantest. Pvt. Ltd.

To seek further information regarding the GSM round cutter price or the GSM weighing balance price you can reach us through our website. If you want to place an order right away, feel free to call us directly at +91 9210903903. Feedbacks are entertained with utmost attention at


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