Care & Maintenance Tips for Using Dart Impact Tester

Care & Maintenance Tips for Using Dart Impact Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Plastic films being used in different industries provide a barrier against the rough handling and shipping of products. Therefore, conducting dart impact tests is essential to guarantee the durability of your packaging films and ensure the safe delivery of products to customers.

Presto, a leading manufacturer of dart impact testers in Asia offers high-quality testing equipment designed to meet stringent standards. With a focus on both excellence and affordability, Presto provides reliable solutions for businesses seeking to maintain the integrity of their packaging films throughout the supply chain.

Here, we will discuss a brief about the top maintenance tips that one must take care of while performing a dart impact test on the materials. But before that, we will discuss the importance of maintaining a dart impact tester for conducting dart impact tests on the materials.

Importance of performing accurate dart impact tester maintenance

The dart impact tester stands as a cornerstone among standardized laboratory testing instruments, facilitating the evaluation of material impact resistance. Through regular maintenance, technicians can proactively detect and address potential issues or signs of wear and tear that might undermine the tester's accuracy and reliability. This proactive approach not only guarantees consistent and precise test results but also extends the lifespan of the machine, leading to time savings during dart impact resistance tests.

Dart impact testing stands as a pivotal procedure across various industries, notably in plastics and packaging. This quality assessment method gauges material impact resistance against freely falling darts.

Its primary aim is to ascertain that manufacturing materials demonstrate robust resilience, thus averting potential damage or failure. Dart impact tests yield manufacturers in the paper and packaging sector crucial insights into energy absorption, fracture patterns, and overall structural soundness.

For conducting these quality assessments, manufacturers can seamlessly utilize impact testing machines. Now, let's delve into a concise overview of the Presto dart impact testing machine.

Now, let us discuss some maintenance tips to perform a dart impact test on the materials.

Top maintenance tips for maintaining dart impact tester

To maintain the dart impact resistance tester effectively, you can easily follow the tips that have been mentioned below.

1. Positioning the Dart: It's crucial to ensure that the dart is positioned precisely at the centre of the specimen. This ensures consistency and accuracy in the test results.

2. Electromagnet Usage: Limit the duration of the electromagnet being turned on to a maximum of 30 seconds. This prevents overheating or potential damage to the electromagnet and associated components.

3. Specimen Condition: The specimen should be free from any wrinkles or anything disruptive to prevent any interference with test results. Smooth and uniform specimen surfaces ensure accurate testing.

4. Equal Weight Distribution: Use an equal amount of incremental weights when starting the test. This ensures consistency in the applied force and helps maintain the integrity of the testing process.

 6. Safety Precautions: Always place the specimen when the electromagnet is not in its place to ensure safety. This prevents accidental activation of the electromagnet during specimen placement or adjustment.

These are some of the useful maintenance tips that one can opt for while using the Presto dart impact tester. Now, let us discuss the top measures to be taken while performing the dart impact resistance test.

Top precautions that you must follow while performing dart impact resistance test

Whenever you operate a dart impact resistance tester, then there are some precautions that you must take care of while performing this quality test on the materials. Below we have listed the top precautions that you must take care of while performing this test.

  1. The electromagnet serves a crucial role in a Dart Impact Tester by securing the dart in place before impact testing commences. Proper setup involves positioning the specimen beneath the dart accurately while ensuring the electromagnet remains disengaged during this process. 

  2. In a Dart Impact Tester, precise alignment of the electromagnet is essential for consistent and reliable testing. Aligning the electromagnet's centre with the centre of the specimen ensures accuracy in the testing process, guaranteeing valid results. 

  3. To maintain safety and prolong the vacuum pump's lifespan, it's important not to exceed one minute of continuous operation. This emphasizes the need for controlled and efficient use of the vacuum pump to uphold a safe and productive laboratory or industrial environment.


These are some of the precautions that you must take care of while performing a dart impact resistance test on the materials. Now, let us discuss the top technical adjustments that you must follow while conducting a dart impact resistance test on the materials.

Top technical adjustments that you must follow while conducting a dart impact resistance test

The dart impact tester from Presto Testing Instruments streamlines the process of conducting quick and precise tests on plastic films, thereby enhancing product quality. Here are some essential technical adjustments to consider when utilizing this machine:

1. Start by powering on the machine, plugging the main socket into a 3-pin 15 amp socket.

2. Connect the pneumatic supply to achieve a pressure of 4-6 BARS using a 6mm PU pipe.

3. Attach a footswitch to the bottom of the machine in the holder for convenient operation.

4. Adjust the height of the magnet according to the test requirement and sample specification, typically set at 660mm or 1520mm, as indicated on the aluminium profile.

5. Once all settings are configured, navigate to the main menu by sliding your finger on the screen. Select the Method Setting option.

6. From the main menu, choose the Test Method and input all necessary details for both methods A and B.

These technical adjustments ensure efficient test execution with the Presto dart impact tester, facilitating accurate assessment of plastic film properties. With these technical adjustments taking place, you can easily and effectively perform dart impact resistance tests on the materials and ensure that accurate products will be delivered.


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