Measure The Color Uniformity Of Fabrics With Color Matching Machines

Measure The Color Uniformity Of Fabrics With Color Matching Machines

Textile industries are growing at a faster pace due to ever increasing demand of the customers as per the fashion.The customers nowadays have become more aware of the quality of the products. Hence, they demand only for the high-quality of the products in order to maintain their style and fashion. This pushed the manufacturers in textile industries to produce only the best quality of fabrics and textile products so that they can survive in this highly competitive world. Due to the increasing demand of the customers, manufacturers also have to pay keen attention on mass production to fulfill the demand of a vast number of customers. This is the only way to fulfill the demand of customers on a wide scale all over the world. But it is a universal fact that many threats are associated with the mass production. When the production process in done keeping in mind the bulk production, there are many chances of quality defects. If the manufacturers deliver this quality to the customers, this can affect their business badly, and it will be problematic for them to survive in the market.

Hence, the manufacturers need to produce the only best quality of products and must follow proper testing procedures to avoid the quality defect. The Proper quality testing procedures not only helps to enhance the quality of the production but also save a lot of time, resources and money with fewer rejections.

One of the prominent quality defects that usually found in textile products is Metamerism. It is the phenomenon that causes the products to appear different in different lighting conditions. It is the major quality flaw that usually faced by the manufacturers in colored products and need to be rectified efficiently. The best method to solve the issue of Metamerism is to match the color consistency of the products in different lighting conditions in order to ensure that the products will appear same in color when placed in various sources of light at the time of usage.

To identify the problem of metamerism, “Color Matching Cabinet” is the best color matching machine. It is a bench-top type instrument which is equipped with several sources of light so that the user can match the color consistency of the products in different light shades. The different lights that color matching cabinets provide are Tungsten Filament, TL-84, INCAA, D-65, CWF and Ultraviolet black light. Separate switches are provided on the instrument to operate all the lights separately. It is the best testing device which is widely used to enhance the color quality of the products.

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