Compression Test-To Measure Compression Strength of Boxes

Compression Test-To Measure Compression Strength of Boxes

What is Compression Test?

Compression test is one the widely used test in packaging industries that helps to measure the compression strength of various types of boxes like cartons, corrugated box, fiber boards, single layered boards and many more. It is the best platform that offers the strategy to perform the test that provides a graphical representation of deformation force vs. compression. It is the best test method that examines the strength of the crates, wooden boxes, shipping containers, corrugated boxes that are designed using high-quality fiberboard material.

How to test compression strength?

Usually, the manufacturers make use of industrial packaging containers and other sturdy boxes like the tub, pail. Drum etc. that also requires compression testing. Moreover, this type of test is also performed on various types of packaging components in order to measure the strength of the materials. This test can be carried out in the testing laboratories with the help of a very special testing device known as Compression Tester. It is the best invention that helps to provide a controlled amount of compression force on the specimens to perform the compression test on the heavy boxes and containers.

SOP to Perform Compression Test

The standard way to perform the compression test is provided by various national and international recognized organizations like ASTM, BIS, ISO and many more. To carry out the test as per the standards,

  • Place a test sample between the two parallel plates.
  • Now set the constant pressure with the rate of ½ inch per minute or 12.5mm / ± 2.5mm.

These plates are designed in such a manner that they remain parallel to each other in order to hold the specimen tightly to avoid slippage of the specimen. The test can be performed either on the filled box or on the empty boxes. But never forget that the condition of the standard pressure at specific speed is necessary to maintain. This test results in compressing the specimen and helps to measure the peak load at which the specimen deforms stage of significant deformation. This test helps to measure the capacity of the containers to protect the materials that are kept inside the boxes from a certain type of external damages.

Box Compression Tester by Presto Stantest

Presto Stantest, a world’s famous manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Paper and Packaging testing instruments, manufactures a high-quality of Box Compression tester. It is the best testing device which is designed as per the international standards. The test is used to measure the yield strength, compression strength and proportional limit of the boxes. To know more about the product, consult our technicians.

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