Beesley Balance-For Accurate Yarn Count

Beesley Balance-For Accurate Yarn Count

How to check the weight of Yarn?

To check the weight of a yarn, it is necessary to determine the yarn count. As per the direct system, the weight of the length of a yarn measured in units is considered as a count. For example, the weight of yarn in grams per kilometer length of yarn represents one “Tex” and the weight of yarn in grams per 9000 meters of yarn represents one “Denier”. On the other hand, as per an indirect system of yarn measurement, count is represented by a specific yarn length making a specific weight. For example, Measurement of cotton is done as per the hanks in one pound of yarn and Metric of yarn is calculated as number of km of yarn in one kg of yarn.

Basic Requirements to Determine Yarn Count

Regardless of the above-mentioned systems of the count, there are two necessary requirements that help to determine yarn count, i.e.

  • Correct computation of length of the sample and
  • Correct computation of weight.

The procedure to measure the count depends on the type of yarn, to a large extent, which is available for testing.

SOP to Perform the Yarn Count Test

Bobbin, a well-known sample length of yarn can be used to perform a test by forming a skin on a wrap reel and attaching it to the hook of the instrument. Now, read the number of counts directly from the measurement scale. When it is required to determine the weft and wrap of yarn from a small piece of fabric, it is engraved in small pieces with a help of a template. Now remove the yarn from the test sample and the instrument will directly provide you the yarn length, which is essentially required to balance a standard weight of the beam. This procedure is performed with the testing instrument known as “Beesley Balance”.

Beesley Balance – For Yarn Count determination

Presto, a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of testing equipments offers high-quality Beesley Balance testing instrument. The apparatus is equipped with a template that helps to prepare the test sample of various sizes as per the requirement. Once the fabric is converted into a cloth, it goes through multiple processes of dyeing, bleaching, weaving, etc. These processes directly affect the quality of a fabric and decrease the quality of a material. Hence, to compute the fineness or number of counts of yarn, the instrument is used. The machine is supplied with two different weights, a brochure and calibration certificate which shows that the instrument is highly reliable and approved from NABL labs. Also, The machine has a chrome-plated metallic body that ensures a corrosion resistant finish.

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