Enhance the Quality of Rubber Products with Accurate Evaluation of the Ash Content

Enhance the Quality of Rubber Products with Accurate Evaluation of the Ash Content

Determining the ash content in the rubber components is a major requirement for the quality check process in rubber industries. The manufacturers need to determine the ash content that is present in the material for the purpose of quality assurance of the products. The determination of the ash content helps in understanding the chemical features and chemical combination of rubber materials that helps in analyzing the features such as the strength of the materials. The Muffle furnace is a major testing instrument that is used in the rubber industries to convert the rubber specimen into ashes and then the ash is analyzed for the purpose of analyzing the ash content.

The muffle furnace is capable of reaching a temperature as high as 9000C which is enough to convert a rubber sample into ashes. The rubber sample is placed in a crucible, and then the crucible is placed in the heating chamber. The timer for heating is set, and the machine is turned on. After the test time elapses, then the instrument stops, and the crucible is taken out with the ash content of the sample. This ash is further analyzed for evaluating the different traits of the specimen.

Key features of Presto’s Muffle Furnace

  1. High-grade ceramic is used for manufacturing of the inner chamber of the muffle furnace instrument for better heat insulation.
  2. The heating element of the instrument comprises of Kanthal wires for better and efficient heating.
  3. Digital temperature controller is provided with the instrument.

Technical specifications of Presto’s Muffle Furnace

  1. The instrument can reach to a maximum range of temperature of up to 9000
  2. The power rating of the controller is 2.5 Kw.
  3. Four sided Kanthal wire heat element ensures efficient and uniform heating.

The best thing about Muffle furnace is that it has a very high accuracy of temperature that allows the users to conduct the testing process with great efficiency and accuracy. With the help of this instrument, the manufacturers of rubber products can ensure that the material they are using for the manufacturing of products has the optimum amount of carbon and ash content for optimum quality.

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