Ensure a perfect finish on your paint job with Presto Gloss meter

Ensure a perfect finish on your paint job with Presto Gloss meter

A gloss is a property of the surface that makes the surface shine. It is also described as a surface's ability to reflect light. It is very effective to measure the gloss of a surface to reduce any quality errors. This can easily be done with the help of the Presto gloss meter that is designed to check the lustrous effects of the surface when the light gets interacted with it. It is the best and high-quality testing device that is provided with different geometrical angles to measure the gloss reflection on a surface of a material. The Gloss Meter Tri-angle is used to determine the gloss of a particular surface appropriately and also ascertain the amount of reflected light. You can easily make use of this tool to test the gloss of stone, wood, laminates, and floors. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with brief information about the Presto gloss meter and how it serves to be the perfect testing instrument to ensure the smoothness of the paint finish.

Why you should use a gloss meter in the paint industry?

Painters are always looking for ways to improve the quality of their work. One way they can do so is by using gloss meters in order to find out how much gloss paint has before applying it. This will ensure that the surface is at its perfect level of sheen, which will also allow them to use less material in the process. In the paint industry, gloss meters are a great way to measure how glossy or flat a finish is. A gloss meter gives you an accurate measurement of how much light bounces off of your surface. You can use it to tell whether you need more or fewer coatings for a perfect finish.

Presto Gloss meter has been made in accordance with ISO 2813 (international Standard) and GB/T 9754 (CHINA NATIONAL STANDARD). It has the characters of easy to use, stable performance, and precise measurement. You will get different features of using this amazing testing instrument by Presto.

Features of Presto Gloss meter

It is always a good idea to use an instrument that can measure gloss and other paint properties effectively. There are many different instruments, but we recommend Presto gloss meter- triangle. There are many advantages you will get with the use of the Presto gloss meter. They are mentioned below:

  • You will get a large screen of 3.5 inches with a high-resolution full-view display of (480X320).
  • Our Gloss Meter triangle is made with the compliance of standards like ISO 2813, GB/T 9754, ASTM D 523, and ASTM D 2457.
  • Its aesthetic design will be perfectly combined with ergonomics structure.
  • It consists of Three measurement angles ( 20?, 60?,85?), that will measure the gloss value simultaneously. This would be an advantage for you as compared to a single-angle gloss meter.
  • It also consists of QC software with a powerful extending function.
  • Flexible Choice of auto-calibrating data, easy to compare.
  • Display multiple sets of data, easy to compare.
  • High hardware configuration with multiple innovative technologies.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, economic and environmental protection.
  • Auto power-off function to save electricity consumption.

These are some of the wonderful features of the Presto Gloss Meter Triangle. Along with that, you will get an auto-calibration function in this testing instruments. But for flexible use, it has an optional designation to judge whether it will auto-calibrate at startup. If the last power-off is manual, it will calibrate automatically when turn on next time. When the operating environment changes (such as the rapid change of temperature, altitude, and humidity), then you must do the calibration. In order to ensure accuracy, please use the original standard plate for calibration. The dust on the standard plate will affect calibration accuracy. Please avoid it from strong sunlight. Due to environmental factors, the gloss value of the standard plate will change over time. Therefore, it’s better to send it back to the factory or qualified local National Institute of Metrology for the calibration (Once a year).


Here in this blog, we have discussed the use of gloss meters in the paint industry. This testing instrument from Presto has been embedded with several features along with an auto-calibration facility that makes it unique and the top choice for paint industrialists. It can help you save time, money and increase accuracy. Thus, the more accurate information you will get with the help of a gloss meter, the better you'll be able to make decisions on what paint will best suit your needs. If you want to know the secret about using gloss meters in the paint industry then we will tell you. You should always start with a clean surface before measuring! This ensures that any dirt or debris on the surface of the object won't affect your readings. You can also get information about Food & Beverages Testing Instruments. To know more about this testing instrument, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. Our experts will guide you well regarding your queries related to this testing instrument.

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