Ensure Efficient Sterilization in Laboratories with Hot Air Oven

Ensure Efficient Sterilization in Laboratories with Hot Air Oven

Sterilization is one of the most important processes in most of the industries. The process is done to get rid of microorganisms from the materials and instruments. The sterilization is mostly done in the laboratories to make the instruments used in laboratories free from any type of microorganisms. The best method used for sterilization in laboratories is the laboratory hot air oven. This instrument is used for sterilizing instruments like Petri dishes, test tubes, beakers, etc. so that the effect of the previous tests done in these instruments is not carried over to the next tests.

The Laboratory hot air oven uses dry heat for the purpose of sterilization. The air is heated by the heaters and then circulated in the chamber with the help of a blower fan. This keeps a uniform distribution of heat throughout the chamber. In this way, an effective process of sterilization can be obtained.

Key features of Presto’s Laboratory Hot Air Oven

  1. The instrument is equipped with a highly efficient PID temperature controller.
  2. There is an RTD PT 100 temperature sensor for effective sensing of the temperature.
  3. The inner chamber of the instrument is made from stainless steel for longer life and durability.

Technical expertise of Presto’s Laboratory Hot Air Oven

  1. The temperature range of the instrument ranges from ambient to 2000
  2. The temperature resolution of the instrument is 10
  3. A digital control panel is provided with the machine for easy and efficient operation.

The best thing about the Hot air oven is that it uses dry heat, and there is no high pressure involved. This allows carrying out the sterilization process in a very safe and easy manner.  In addition to that, the easy operation and efficient process make it the best tool for sterilization in the laboratories.

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