Ensure The Compression Validation Of Golf Balls

Ensure The Compression Validation Of Golf Balls

Compression test is done on different materials to measure that how the material will behave when they are subjected to compression. This test procedure helps to measure the fundamental parameters that also help to test the performance of the sample when it is provided with a specific amount of load. These parameters explain following attributes of a material:

  • Limit of Elasticity,
  • Yield Strength of the material,
  • Young’s Modulus and
  • Compression Strength of the material.

Compression test is an important step which must be commenced on the material at the time of designing and at a different level of production for better quality control. The test is carried out on various materials that are used in various industries for different applications. One of the most popular applications of compression test is Golf Balls. 

Compression of Golf Balls

Compression on Balls is a measurement of how much a golf ball compress when determined amount of load is applied to the ball. This indicates that how a golf ball feels when force is exerted. The lower the rating, the more the ball will deform. This indicates that the ball is soft in nature. The higher the rating, the less the ball will deform and feel firmer. As per the players of Golf, they want a ball with harder or softer feel, but most of the players agree that they want a ball that feels consistent when played even for a longer period of time.

Duties of Golf Ball Manufacturers

The manufacturers of golf balls need to address the compression strength of the ball while designing and manufacturing the balls. The balls are designed with two pieces or three piece construction. The core part of the balls is the innermost part that explains the compression strength and other properties of the balls. The properties of the balls can be tested with the help of high-quality of compression tester.

Presto Stantest, being a renowned manufacturer of Compression Tester, offers high-quality of Ball Compression Tester that helps to conclude the compression properties of the golf balls. The instrument is designed to highly sophisticated features that are duly mentioned in various national and international standard test methods. Presto offers a wide assortment of compression testers to determine the elasticity, young’s modulus, yield strength and compression strength of the materials. All these machines are available with the customized specification to fulfill the requirement of a vast number of customers.

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