Ensure the Quality of Metal Plating & Coatings with Salt Fog Test

Ensure the Quality of Metal Plating & Coatings with Salt Fog Test

Salt Fog Test is a very popular and standardized corrosion test method, which is used to check rust resistance strength of various materials such as painting, coating, plating and many more. Materials such as polymers, ceramics, stones, can also be tested with salt spray test. The test procedure creates a corrosive attack to the coated samples and helps to evaluate the suitability of coating to survive in the highly corrosive environment. It is an accelerated test of corrosion that tests the suitability of the coatings and helps to provide a protective finish to the sample. The appearance of the corrosion products can be evaluated after a specific period of time, and the test duration of the test is set as per the specifications of the sample. If the coating is highly corrosion resistance, it will take more time to show the appearance of rust on it and vice versa. The Salt spray test is the world’s best technique of measuring the effect on corrosion on various materials such as coating, plating on different substrates. The testing device is designed as per the standard ASTM B117. It is an internationally recognized standard test method to perform corrosion test.

Salt fog test is an inexpensive, standardizes and quick mode of test. Although, there is an inverse relation between salt spray test time duration and actual life of coatings. The test has gained the popularity all over the world due to its quick results and low cost. This is considered as the best test to maintain the quality of coating in various industries such as automotive, paint & plating, metal and many more. The best way to perform salt spray test is Salt Spray Testers. These testers are capable enough in creating a highly corrosive environment using NaCl solution or acetic acid solution.

Presto Stantest, a renowned manufacturer of testing instruments, manufactures, and supplies a wide range of salt spray chambers with different specifications and features to fulfill the corrosion testing requirement of numerous industries. Presto offers different types of salt spray testers such as Cass cum Salt Spray test

Technical Specifications of Presto’s Salt Spray Chamber

The instruments are designed as per relevant standards provided by standardization organizations to measure the rust resistance strength of the materials that can withstand highly corrosive atmospheric conditions. Temperature Range of the chamber can be set between ambient to 45 degree Celsius with the accuracy of +/- 1oC. The machine comprises a PID temperature controller along with zero corrosion PT 100 sensor. It is designed with fiber-reinforced plastic insulation. For more information on Salt Spray Testers, contact our technocrats.

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