Evaluate Viscosity of thermostatic plastic Materials with MFI Tester

Evaluate Viscosity of thermostatic plastic Materials with MFI Tester

If you are looking for the best tool to check the flow properties of molten plastics or resins then we must suggest you take help from a melt flow index tester manufactured by Presto. With the help of this testing instrument, you will easily be able to analyze and evaluate the flow properties of molten plastics or resins. This parameter is necessary to analyze in order to keep a check on product quality.

Thus, we have come up with this superior quality testing instrument that will ease your work for checking the molten or flow properties of plastics and resins.

Brief information about melt flow index tester

This amazing testing instrument is designed in such a way that it will show the melt flow index rate of the material automatically. It has a human-machine interface and a multicolor screen display that will offer user-friendly operations.

You will definitely love to choose the NXG model of this testing instrument that contains a touch screen and can easily calculate the melt flow index of this testing machine. You can easily set the temperature between contexture to maximum (400 degrees Celsius).

In this testing machine, you will find a piston and heated barrel that will be helpful in storing the sample of resins. The specific load will be applied to the piston by keeping the weights on it. After putting weights or load the molten plastic will get extruded through the capillary tube.

When you make use of our testing machine, then it will be easy for you to assess batch-to-batch variations in the properties of plastics.

Using a melt flow index tester is considered to be the popular method to determine the viscosity of thermostatic plastic or materials. If you get the high value of melt flow index then it will indicate low material viscosity.

When you compare it with the polymers of the same class, then the lower MFI will correspond to the high molecular weight with less branching. To obtain correct and accurate measurements, the use of a capillary tube is essential. Some companies will perform an in-mold rheology test by using actual manufacturing molds.

In this way, you will be able to get accurate and meaningful flow properties of molten plastics. Its features like microprocessor PID controller, automatic sample cutting, Digital preset timer for accuracy and many others make this testing instrument unique.

Thus, you can easily buy this testing instrument from Presto to ease your work of quality assessment. You can directly call us at +91 129 4272727 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. We are always here to assist you by providing the required information regarding your queries.

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