Best To Measure The Stacking Strength Of Fruits

Best To Measure The Stacking Strength Of Fruits

Packaging is the best way to maintain the safety and hygiene of the products. There are numerous sources of packaging that are used to pack different types of products such as food items, liquids, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, toys, fruits, glass products, etc. Every product requires a different kind of packaging that can assure the quality and safety of the product till it reaches the hands of the end customers.

How to Pack the Fruits in the Cartons Safely?

To pack fruits and related items corrugated boxes and wooden crates and cartons. To fill the fruits in these boxes, the fruits are stacked one above the other which sometimes compresses the fruits that are placed on the lower layer due to the load which is exerted by the fruits that are stacked above to make the pile of fruits. To pack the fruits safely, it is must to test the maximum compression strength or top load strength that a single fruit can bear when other fruits are stacked above it. This can be tested efficiently using high-quality of testing machine.

Testing Machine to Measure the Top Load Strength of Fruits

One such testing device that can efficiently measure the force that a fruit can tolerate to its maximum is Fruits Compression Tester. The instrument comprises of a testing methodology that compresses the fruits such as oranges, apples, mangoes from upward to the downward direction that compress the fruits. The test procedure ruptures the fruits completely.

Solution by Presto Stantest for Fruits Packaging Testing

Presto Stantest offers premium quality of Fruits Compression Tester to the manufacturers of fruit packaging units. The tester helps the manufacturers to find out the actual number of fruits that can be stacked on the fruit without deforming the quality of the fruit. The instrument is designed with standard methods that are introduced by standardization authorities. The device is designed with premium quality of raw material. It offers highly accurate and reliable test results.

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